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Articles & Papers

Neutralizing Some Inherent Dangers of C

We take a look at the issues involved in using C in the development of systems with safety-critical functionality. Despite the fact that the language is full of undefined behavior, hardware dependencies and other pitfalls, it is still widely used in safety-critical development. With some planning you can turn a potential problem into an advantage.

Micro Digital smx Philosphy

There are many factors which influence the design of an RTOS kernel. This paper explains what factors have influenced the recent evolution of smx® and discusses their relative importance. Since many factors are conflicting, designing a good RTOS kernel requires achieving a good balance for targeted applications. In the case of smx, these are hard real-time embedded systems.

The Role of Sensor Fusion and REC in the IoT

Sensors are experiencing a renaissance of sorts as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology becomes less expensive and further miniaturized, in turn fueling penetration of sensors into new applications and creating new potential for the sensor market.

Total Phase USB Protocol Analyzer

Due to the widespread integration of USB into embedded applications, many developers will be faced with the challenge of working with USB for the first time. New developers need to be aware that USB is a complicated protocol. From identifying itself through the enumeration process to sending data where directed, a USB device has many functions to perform.

Neat Software Development Tools You Have Never Heard Of

Software developer Michael van Lammeren from Nuvation reports on some innovative techniques his engineering team used for a recent project. Their approach for developing simple, robust code allowed them to meet difficult design requirements and avoid costly schedule delays.

Buy vs. Build

Embedded Modules also referred to as Computer-on-Modules (COM). or System-on-Modules (SOMs) are the building blocks of the embedded world. Using modules alleviates many of the challenges facing engineers and project managers when designing complex applications such as, certification, design and development time and production costs can be overcome by using an off-the-shelf embedded module.

Achieve Seamless Voltage-level Translation with the Best Possible Noise Margin

As microprocessors have matured voltage technology has improved from 5 volts in the 1970s down to 1 volt now and this has led to device innovation, especially in mobile markets. Unfortunately, if you design an architecture using parts that require different voltages those parts cannot connect directly and if the problem is not resolved the mobile device will not function. The answer: Bus buffers.

IAR Embedded Workbench Empowers Developers with Functional Safety Certification

Functional safety is one of the most important features in many embedded systems today. As developers encounter increasing product complexity they are looking for ways to ease the development process including the time it takes to achieve product industry certification. IAR Embedded Workbench comes with relevant industry certification which in turn helps the developer achieve product certification.


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

PurePath Wireless Headset Reference Design

_PurePath Wireless Headset Reference DesignThe CC85XX-HEADSET board reference design contains production material i.e., schematics, layout files, gerbers and BOM for the boards used in the CC85XXDK-HEADSET Development Kit.

USB Radio Stick deRFusb-23E00

_USB Radio Stick deRFusb-23E00High-performance 2.4 GHz USB radio stick with housing for direct integration into your application

CC110L RF BoosterPack

_CC110L RF BoosterPackThe CC110L RF BoosterPack is a low-power wireless transceiver extension kit for use with the Texas Instruments MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad development kit.

Radio Extender Board REB212 V5.0.2

_Radio Extender Board REB212 V5.0.2Shielded 900 MHz RF module with SMA connector in compliance with IEEE 802.15.4, ISM and for ZigBee ® / 6LoWPAN / RF4CE / WirelessHART TM applications based on the Atmel IC family

CC2540 Development Kit

_CC2540 Development KitThe CC2540 development kit provides a complete hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment for single-mode Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) applications.

ZigBee Pro Development Kits

_ZigBee Pro Development KitsRFM Zigbee (2.4 GHz) Developer Kit include the technology hardware and software to support the development and integration of RFM RF Modules into any machine-to-machine (M2M) application.

Value Line Evaluation Modules 433MHz

_Value Line Evaluation Modules 433MHzThe CC11xLEMK-433 evaluation module kit for 433MHz is used in conjunction with CC11xLDK-868-915 development kit to evaluate 433MHz operation using Value Line RF-ICs. The CC11xLDK-868-915 is required f

NFC Adapter - Programmable

_NFC Adapter - ProgrammableThis is a NFC development adapter especially designed for contactless general purpose Near-Field-Communications (NFC) applications. It is based on the contactless RFID 13.56MHz technology and supports

JenNet-IP evaluation kit

_JenNet-IP evaluation kitThe JenNet-IP evaluation kit allows development of IPv6 Smart Devices for buildings connected to the internet wirelessly. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes a complete toolchain for rapid app

CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit

_CC2541 SensorTag Development KitThe CC2541 SensorTag is the first Bluetooth Smart development kit focused on wireless sensor applications and it is the only development kit targeted for smart phone app developers. The SensorTag can

Cellular Development Platform

_Cellular Development PlatformMulti-Tech’s Cellular Development Platform with CoreCDP™ is a complete hardware solution and a complete Linux environment in one. Nowhere else will you find an open Linux development envir

MiWi Demo Kit - 2.4 GHz

_MiWi Demo Kit - 2.4 GHzMiWi Demo Kit - 2.4 GHz MRF24J40 IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver enables you to evaluate and develop low power wireless applications based on Microchips wireless protocols.

DR-TRC103-950-DK 950 MHz RFIC Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR-TRC103-950-DK 950 MHz RFIC Transceiver Developer KitThe TRC103 Development kits allow for complete evaluation and application development of RFM’s SRR (Short Range Radio) line of RFIC’s. A communication link or Range Test can be executed

CC1120 Evaluation Module Kit 420-470MHz

_CC1120 Evaluation Module Kit 420-470MHzThe CC1120 Evaluation Module Kit for 420-470 MHz can be used in conjunction with the CC1120 Development Kit to evaluate the performance of the Perfomance Line RF-IC at this particular frequency. The C

CC430 Wireless Development Tool with USB Programmer

_CC430 Wireless Development Tool with USB ProgrammerThe EM430F6137RF900 is a complete wireless development tool for the CC430 that includes all the hardware required to develop an entire wireless project.

LPR2430DK 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 Developer Kit

_LPR2430DK 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 Developer KitThe LPR2400DK kit allows for full demonstration or development of the LPR2430 transceiver modules. The LPR2430 series transceivers provide a low cost solution for point-to-point, pointtomultipoint and

CC2520DK Development Kit

_CC2520DK Development KitThis kit includes hardware and software that allows quick testing of the CC2520 RF performance and offers a complete platform for development of advanced prototype RF systems and for evaluation of the

DR-TRC105-403-DK 403 MHz RFIC Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR-TRC105-403-DK 403 MHz RFIC Transceiver Developer KitThe TRC105 Development kits allow for complete evaluation and application development of RFM’s SRR (Short Range Radio) line of RFIC’s. A communication link or Range Test can be executed

WSN802GDK-A 2.4 GHz 802.11G Developer Kit

_WSN802GDK-A 2.4 GHz 802.11G Developer KitThe WSN802GDK-A kit allows for full demonstration or development of the WSN802G transceiver modules. The WSN802G transceiver module is a low cost, robust solution for 802.11g sensor networks. The W

WIT2411DK 2.4 GHz FHSS Developer Kit

_WIT2411DK 2.4 GHz FHSS Developer KitEach WIT OEM Module Developer’s Kits contain two selfcontained wireless modems built around specific OEM modules. Additionally, two OEM modules are included in the kit. The self-contained units

6LoWPAN Sub1GHz Evaluation kit

_6LoWPAN Sub1GHz Evaluation kitThe CC-6LOWPAN-DK-868 is a complete development kit for a sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN system. The kit offers a flexible development platform for Sensinode’s NanoStack running on the CC430 and CC1180 devic

DR1300-DK 433.92 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR1300-DK 433.92 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer KitRFM´s standard ASH Transceiver Development Kits demonstrate operation at an "air" data rate of 22.5 kbps, using a packet data link layer (MAC) protocol implemented in an 8051 microp

PurePath Wireless Configurator v1.3.0

_PurePath Wireless Configurator v1.3.0CC85XX devices are delivered unprogrammed from TI and need to be programmed with firmware to run in a customer application. Different firmware is needed depending parameters such as network and applic


_deRFarm7-15A02Pluggable sub-GHz radio module with U.FL coaxial jack based on Atmel´s 32bit-ARM7 microcontroller AT91SAM7X512