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Articles & Papers

Should you buy an embedded module or build your own integrated design?

New product features, certification, increased performance and quicker design cycles are pressuring device manufacturers to reduce costs and still meet time-to-market requirements. Considerations like balancing increased performance and demands for lower design, manufacturing costs, freeing up engineering resources, or selecting the right OS and BSPs complicate the decision-making process. Sign up now for an innovative webinar using an on-line tool that calculates when and if you should buy or build.

Beagle I2C/SPI Analyzer & KatySat - Debugging on an educational satellite

The Space and Systems Development Laboratory (SSDL) develops innovative technologies for robust distributed systems, with special interest in space environments. The current satellite mission under development at the SSDL is the KatySat satellite, which provides a powerful educational outreach tool for K-12 students that can be readily expanded for future missions. To facilitate the KatySat mission, SSDL partnered with Total Phase, to provide students the tools necessary for embedded system development.

Prototyping the IoT with mbed from ARM

Developing smart connected products for the IoT creates a unique set of challenges for product development. Simultaneously, time-to-market pressures make switching to a modern 32-bit architecture challenging. More powerful devices and new tools must be mastered and this can work against timely execution of a product development cycle. This is a common scenario that mbed™ can address. mbed represents a paradigm shift for developers, allowing seamless transitions in the product development lifecycle.

The Internet of Things: Are You Ready?

When the news broke in January that Google was buying Nest Labs, Inc. for $3.2 billion, the eye-popping valuation indicated the acquisition was about more than just pretty thermostats and smoke detectors. While speculation about Google's intentions has run rampant since then, in my mind it's a clear sign: the Internet of Things (IoT) is finally upon us.

Atmel's New Modem Gets Grid Devices Talking

Since 1882, when Thomas Edison fired up the world’s first commercial generator, the networks that carry electricity from the power source to the consumer have been confined to a one-way path. In recent years, pressure to cut labor costs and address evolving environmental concerns and regulations have forced utility providers to rethink this aging infrastructure.

Designing Embedded Systems for the IoT

What does the phrase Internet of Things mean? It depends a lot on where you stand in the supply chain. Many have tried to define it, but the definitions are often colored by the needs of their own industries and their own agendas. As a hardware or software engineer, you already understand the essential element: to build products that are interconnected. As such, embedded systems will play—and are playing—a crucial role in the development of the IoT.

Neutralizing Some Inherent Dangers of C

We take a look at the issues involved in using C in the development of systems with safety-critical functionality. Despite the fact that the language is full of undefined behavior, hardware dependencies and other pitfalls, it is still widely used in safety-critical development. With some planning you can turn a potential problem into an advantage.

Micro Digital smx Philosphy

There are many factors which influence the design of an RTOS kernel. This paper explains what factors have influenced the recent evolution of smx® and discusses their relative importance. Since many factors are conflicting, designing a good RTOS kernel requires achieving a good balance for targeted applications. In the case of smx, these are hard real-time embedded systems.


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

ZMN2405HPDK 2.4 GHz ZigBee Developer Kit

_ZMN2405HPDK 2.4 GHz ZigBee Developer KitThis kit comprises two high power serial interface boards built around the 100mW ZigBee ZMN2405HP module. The ZMN2405DK allows developers to get up and running quickly using either USB or RS-232 inter

DR1300A-DK 433.92 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR1300A-DK 433.92 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer KitRFM´s "A" series ASH Transceiver Development Kits demonstrate operation at an "air" data rate of 2 kbps, using a packet data link layer (MAC) protocol implemented in an 80

RF Calculator App For Android

_RF Calculator App For AndroidWe are proud to announce that we launched the RF mobile calculator app for Android to the Market,

WIT2410DK 2.4 GHz FHSS Developer Kit

_WIT2410DK 2.4 GHz FHSS Developer KitEach WIT OEM Module Developer’s Kits contain two selfcontained wireless modems built around specific OEM modules. Additionally, two OEM modules are included in the kit. The self-contained units

SAM-ICE Adapter

_SAM-ICE AdapterProgramming adapter for deRF USB radio sticks Interface adapter for JTAG and RS232 for easy programming and debugging of deRF USB radio sticks

Si1020 915 MHz Software Development Kit

_Si1020 915 MHz Software Development KitDevelopment Kit for Si1020, Si1021, Si1022, Si1023, Si1024, Si1025, Si1026, Si1027, Si1030, Si1031, Si1032, Si1033, Si1034, Si1035, Si1036 and Si1037 low power wireless microcontrollers

JenNet-IP, RF4CE and Zigbee Evaluation Kit

_JenNet-IP, RF4CE and Zigbee Evaluation KitThe NXP JN516X-EK001 evaluation kit is specifically designed for use with the NXP JN516x series, a range of ultra-low-power, high-performance wireless microcontrollers suitable for JenNet-IP, RF4CE re

Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter Starter Kit

_Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter Starter KitThe OEM Serial Port Adapter Starter Kits connected to a PC are the fastest ways to get familiar and start integration of the connectBlue Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter (SPA) modules. The Starter Kit

CC1125 Development Kit

_CC1125 Development KitThis development kit provides a complete hardware performance testing and software development platform for TI´s Sub-1 GHz Performance Line devices and CC1125 specifically.

CC2530 Mini ZNP Kit

_CC2530 Mini ZNP KitThe CC2530 ZigBee Network Processor Mini Development Kit is the perfect introduction to ZigBee wireless sensor networks! The CC2530ZNP Mini Development Kit is designed for engineers who want to get fa

CC2520DK Development Kit

_CC2520DK Development KitThis kit includes hardware and software that allows quick testing of the CC2520 RF performance and offers a complete platform for development of advanced prototype RF systems and for evaluation of the

Contactless Demo reader board PNEV512B

_Contactless Demo reader board PNEV512BThe PN512 is a highly integrated transceiver IC for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. This transceiver IC utilizes an outstanding modulation and demodulation concept completely integrated for di

deRFgateway for ARM

_deRFgateway for ARMCompact and powerful development board with Ethernet for all deRFarm7 radio modules


_deRFmega128-22A00Pluggable 2.4 GHz radio module with chip ceramic antenna based on Atmel´s single chip microcontroller ATmega128RFA1

CC Antenna Development Kit

_CC Antenna Development KitThe purpose of the CC-Antenna-DK is to ease the decision for which type of low cost antenna can be implemented as well as to give an estimation of the performance that can be achieved. The frequency r

DR7003-DK 303.825 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR7003-DK 303.825 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer KitThe DR7003-DK kit allows for full demonstration or development of the third-generation (3G) TR7003 Virtual Wire device. The kit provides “Out of the box” operation with or without the a


_deRFarm7-25A00Pluggable 2.4 GHz radio module with chip ceramic antenna based on Atmel´s 32bit-ARM7 microcontroller AT91SAM7X512

DR1200A-DK 916.5 ASH Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR1200A-DK 916.5  ASH Transceiver Developer KitRFM´s "A" series ASH Transceiver Development Kits demonstrate operation at an "air" data rate of 2 kbps, using a packet data link layer (MAC) protocol implemented in an 80

DR1201A-DK 868.35 MHz ASH Transceiver Developer Kit

_DR1201A-DK 868.35 MHz  ASH Transceiver Developer KitRFM´s "A" series ASH Transceiver Development Kits demonstrate operation at an "air" data rate of 2 kbps, using a packet data link layer (MAC) protocol implemented in an 80

LPR2430ADK 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 Developer Kit

_LPR2430ADK 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 Developer KitThe LPR2430ADK kit allows for full demonstration or development of the LPR2430 transceiver modules. The LPR2430 series transceivers provide a low cost solution for point-to-point, pointtomultipoint an

CC2533 RF4CE Development Kit

_CC2533 RF4CE Development KitThe CC2533 RF4CE development kit supports TI´s second generation 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant System-on-Chip, the CC2533, and contains all hardware, software, and tools necessary to evaluate,

CC3000 BoosterPack

_CC3000 BoosterPackThe CC3000 is a self-contained wireless network processor that simplifies the process of implementing Internet connectivity.

Radio Controller Board RCB230SMA V3.3.1

_Radio Controller Board RCB230SMA V3.3.1Shielded RF module with an SMA interface in accordance with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for ISM and ZigBee TM applications based on the Atmel IC family

CC2540 Development Kit

_CC2540 Development KitThe CC2540 development kit provides a complete hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment for single-mode Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) applications.