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5th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 Module

_5th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 Module The TQ Minimodule TQMx50UC has a CPU with outstanding graphics performance with features such as 3D scanning, gesture control, and voice commands. The integrated Intel graphics core HD5500/HD6000

AM335x Embedded Module

_AM335x Embedded Module The TQMa335x module supports the TI AM335x Cortex-A8 family of processors. The AM335x family is optimized for POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator subsystem for 3D graphics acceleration to support di

i.MX28 processor Module (SOM)

_i.MX28 processor Module (SOM) Based on the i.MX287 processor, this module (SOM) is best suited for the general embedded industrial and consumer markets. All processor pins are available at the Tyco connectors

i.MX53 Processor Module (SOM)

_i.MX53 Processor Module (SOM) This module is based on i.MX537 from Freescale includes an integrated display controller, full HD capability, enhanced graphics and connectivity features. It is ideal for a range of applications

Intel® Atom™ E3800 (Bay Trail) Module (SOM)

_Intel® Atom™ E3800 (Bay Trail) Module (SOM) The TQMxE38M embedded modules enables the implementation of powerful, but also economical, x86 based systems based on the international established PICMG™ standard COM Express™ Mini (

Layerscape Embedded Module

Layerscape Embedded Module The TQMLS102xA embedded module, based on the LS102xA processor from Freescale, combines the ARM Cortex-A7 architecture with the Freescale QorIQ high speed communication technology. Designed for v

QorIQ 1020 Module (SOM)

_QorIQ 1020 Module (SOM) The TQMP1020 embedded module has the NXP QorIQ™ processor family with two e500 cores and a clock speed of 2x 800 MHz. This module offers an optimum balance between data processing speed and

QorIQ 2020 Module (SOM)

_QorIQ 2020 Module (SOM) With one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400MHz to 2x1200MHz, the TQ module with its QorIQ™ processors this module is ideally suited to industrial applications where long-t

QorIQ T1042 Module (SOM)

_QorIQ T1042 Module (SOM) With four e5500 (64-bit) cores and a clock rate of up to 4x 1400 MHz, this TQ module provides the best ratio between processing speed and power consumption. The 28 nm technology significantly red