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AM335x Embedded Module

_AM335x Embedded ModuleThe TQMa335x module supports the TI AM335x Cortex-A8 family of processors. The AM335x family is optimized for POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator subsystem for 3D graphics acceleration to support display

i.MX28 Minimodule

_i.MX28 Minimodule Based on the i.MX28 processor, the TQMa Minimodule is best suited for smart metering and for easy visualization and control applications. All the processor´s functional pins are on the modu

i.MX35 Minimodule

_i.MX35 MinimoduleThe TQMa35 Minimodule, based on the Freescale i.MX35 processor, offers a balanced ratio between computing and graphic performance. All the processor’s functional pins are on the module plug-in connect

Layerscape Embedded Module

Layerscape Embedded Module The TQMLS102xA embedded module, based on the LS102xA processor from Freescale, combines the ARM Cortex-A7 architecture with the Freescale QorIQ high speed communication technology. Designed for v

mobileGT MPC5200 Minimodule

_mobileGT MPC5200 MinimoduleThe embedded TQM5200 module is based on the Freescale MPC5200 Power Architecture. With up to six serial interfaces and 760 MIPS the MPC5200 can handle a wide range of applications.

mobileGT MPC5200S Minimodule

_mobileGT MPC5200S MinimoduleThe embedded module TQM5200S with the MPC5200B processor is available in a very tiny size - 60mm x 56mm compared to the usual 60mm x 80mm.

QorIQ 1020 Minimodule

_QorIQ 1020 MinimoduleThe TQ mini module TQM8360 is the latest and most versatile member of the PowerQUICC II Pro module family and supports almost all interfaces and protocols that are needed in typical applications these

QorIQ 2020 Minimodule

_QorIQ 2020 MinimoduleWith one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400MHz to 2x1200MHz, the TQ module with its QorIQ™ processors offers an optimal balance between data processing speed and power dissipation.