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_J-LinkARM/Cortex Emulator, and Renesas RX Emulator. Includes a USB cable, and a 20-pin JTAG/SWD ribbon cable for ARM/Cortex devices. The J-Link RX Adapter (Sold Separately) is required for use with Renesas

J-Link 5V Adapter

_J-Link 5V AdapterAdapter for targets operating at 5V. The 5V adapter extends the voltage of J-Link ARM revision 4 to revision 5.3 and, other pin-compatible JTAG probes, to 5V. J-Link ARM revision 5.4 and newer are 5V

J-Link EDU

_J-Link EDUThe J-Link EDU emulator is our standard 8.08.00 J-Link ARM emulator wrapped in a new educational marked housing. Please note; an educational use terms window is displayed when connecting the J-Link ED

J-Link PRO

_J-Link PROJ-Link PRO is an enhanced version of the SEGGER J-Link. This emulator supports ARM/Cortex and Renesas RX devices. The J-Link RX Adapter (Sold Separately) is required for use with Renesas RX devices. I


_J-Link ULTRABased on the highly optimized and proven J-Link, it offers even higher speed. This is due to the faster CPU, built-in FPGA and High Speed USB interface. This ARM/Cortex Emulator, and Renesas RX Emulat

J-Trace ARM

_J-Trace ARMUSB driven JTAG and Trace (38-pin Mictor) interface for ARM cores. Includes a USB cable, JTAG 20-pin ribbon cable, and Trace 38-pin ribbon cable. No power supply required (powered through USB). IAR Em

J-Trace for Cortex-M3 JTAG emulator

_J-Trace for Cortex-M3 JTAG emulatorJ-Trace for Cortex-M3 is a JTAG emulator designed for Cortex-M3 cores which includes trace (ETM) support. J-Trace for Cortex-M3 can also be used as a J-Link and it also supports ARM7/9 cores. Tracing