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Dave B2 - ARM7TDMI

_Dave B2 - ARM7TDMIB2 is a vertically integrated "network engine" equipped with proper hardware and software resources. B2 has been designed in order to offer a cost effective answer to networking issues. B2 d

Dave Chameleon PPC405EP

_Dave Chameleon PPC405EPThe PPChameleon Evaluation Board and Development Kit supports ready-to-use CPU modules based on the PowerPC 405EP. All native buses and interfaces of the microprocessor are on the board or routed to s

DAVE Parsy - ARM920T

_DAVE Parsy - ARM920TParsy is a CPU Module based on the well-known ARM920T series designed for portable applications. Main characteristics are very low intrinsic power consumption due to CPU (i.MX family), mobile memories

DAVE Zefeer (EP93xx/ARM920T)

_DAVE Zefeer (EP93xx/ARM920T)Zefeer CPU compact modules are ARM920T based peripherals native with the family of modules act like a "host" (USB, Keyboard, LCD controller, IDE). Therefore, t

ingenia ICM4011 Development Kit

_ingenia ICM4011 Development Kit  The iCM4011 is a low-priced, small development kit for applications that require an embedded and autonomous processor. The processor is preprogrammed at the factory with firmwar

ingenia ICM4011 UIB-User Interface Board

_ingenia ICM4011 UIB-User Interface BoardUIB-PC104 is a User Interface Board that enables the interaction between humans and control modules to its main socket, through input and output sources (widely known as human interfaces). The design