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embDual - TCP/IP Library

_embDual - TCP/IP LibraryembDUAL is a royalyu -free IPv4+IPv6 implementation, ported to the FreeRTOS™ operating system and supports simultaneous operation of IPv4 and IPv6-based applications.

embFTP - Small Footprint Embedded FTP Server Library

_embFTP - Small Footprint Embedded FTP Server LibraryembFTP™ is a royalty free small footprint embedded FTP Server ideally suited for remote access to files on your embedded device.

embHTTP - HTTP Web Server Library

_embHTTP - HTTP Web Server LibraryembHTTP™ is a royalty free full HTTP 1.1 library that has been designed for use in low-volume prototype applications or by developers (and budgets) where source code is not appropriate.

embTCP Library

_embTCP LibraryembTCP is a royalty-free small-footprint implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack, packaged to allow creation of development and deployment of client and/or server applications running on a variety

embTelnet - Telnet Server Library

_embTelnet - Telnet Server LibraryembTelnet is a royalty-free low cost, library. It is ideal for cost sensitive applications, low volume products, and any application that does not need the Telnet source code.

FAT File System

FAT File SystemFAT CONNECT is a high-performance, full-featured, FAT12/16/32-based, DOS-compatible file system designed for embedded applications that require the attachment of PC-compatible media, such as flash car

Gateway protocols

Gateway protocolsNicheStack Gateway components are optimized for use in conjunction with NicheStack Dual and IPv4 device networking packages, greatly simplifying development and configuration network equipment.

NicheStack Dual IPv4/IPv6

_NicheStack Dual IPv4/IPv6NicheStack Dual™ offers a unique and flexible combination of networking support for devices that must operate in today´s IPv4 based networks and be compatible with future upgrades to IPv6

NicheStack HTTP Server

NicheStack HTTP ServerThe ideal embedded web server is more than just a software module that responds to http requests. It is also one that was designed, built and tested with a thorough understanding of what it means to o

NicheStack IPSec

NicheStack IPSecNicheStack IPSec and IKE are "bump in the stack" source code solutions for adding security to new or existing embedded systems. Fitting between the TCP and IP layers of an embedded protoc

NicheStack IPv4

NicheStack IPv4NicheStack IPv4 combines small size, extreme portability and high performance without compromise in RFC compliance.

NicheStack IPv6

NicheStack IPv6InterNiche´s embedded IPv6 stack is an ANSI C protocol implementation specifically designed for applications requiring efficient memory use and RFC compliance.

NicheStack RTP/RTCP

NicheStack RTP/RTCPNicheStack RTP/RTCP Developed specifically for embedded devices, NicheStack RTP adds streaming data services to NicheStack v4 and provides end-to-end delivery services over UDP for data with real-time

NicheStack SNMP

NicheStack SNMPNicheStack SNMP implements the most up-to-date set of IETF SNMP protocols in a memory-efficient, highly portable toolkit designed for OEMs and System Integrators requiring a fast, small, proven embedd

NicheStack SSL/TLS

NicheStack SSL/TLSSupporting TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 and both blocking and non-blocking sockets, InterNiche´s implementation is based on public key asymmetric cryptography, by which the sender uses a public key to en