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SEGGER Microcontroller

Flasher ARM » 5.07.01 FLASHER ARM

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5.07.01 FLASHER ARM Available Directly From Manufacturer QUOTE
Flasher ARM - 5.07.01 FLASHER ARMJTAG/SWD emulator and stand-alone programming tool for ARM microcontrollers. Flash memory stores the target program for stand-alone use.  This device incorporates the full J-Link functionality and adds the stand-alone use of our Flasher family of devices.


  • Stand-Alone JTAG/SWD Programmer (Once set up, Flasher can be controlled without the use of the J-Flash PC program)
  • No Power Supply Required, Powered Through USB
  • Support for ARM® 7/9 and Cortex-M3
  • Supports Internal and External Flash Devices
  • 64MB of Memory for Storage of Your Target Program
  • Can be Used as Our Widely Known J-Link (JTAG Emulator) With a Download Speed of up to 720 Kbytes/second
  • Flash Programming Speed Between 30 and 300 Kbytes/second Depending on Your Target Hardware
  • Serial in Target Programming Supported
  • Data Files Can be Updated Via a USB Mass Storage Connection or Via J-Flash
  • Target Interface: JTAG/SWD