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Freescale Semiconductor

MPC8560ADS: Application Development System for MPC8560 » MPC8560ADS-BGAE

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MPC8560ADS: Application Development System for MPC8560 - MPC8560ADS-BGAEThe MPC8560ADS board is designed to aid hardware and software developers of the PowerQUICC III family by providing an evaluation platform for the MPC8560 in the 783-pin FC-PBGA package. The ADS helps to fill the void between the traditional design-focused, electrical, circuit, and logical testing and actual customer applications. While the ADS cannot practically mimic every possible customer design, it does provide exposure to issues associated with the simultaneous operation of various interfaces and protocols that are most likely to be found in specific market applications. In addition to verifying the simultaneous operation of interfaces and protocols, the ADS provides a level of systems performance characterization that will prove useful to users.

Using the ADS on-board resources and an associated debugger, developers are able to download and run code, set breakpoints, display memory and registers, and connect proprietary hardware via the expansion connectors. That code can then be incorporated into a desired system with the MPC8560 processor.

Who should order this product:
Developers using the MPC8560.


  • Two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports
  • Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports
  • Two 155 Mbps optical ATM ports
  • Three PCI slots (3.3 V, up to 66 MHz, 32/64-bit)
  • One PCI/PCI-X slot (3.3 V, PCI-X-66/133, 32/64-bit)
  • One HMZd connector for parallel RapidIO (used with the PCI/PCI-X slot to provide a HiP card slot)
  • Two CPM expansion connectors
  • One DDR-I DIMM slot (184-pin)
  • 16 MB of soldered on-board programmable flash memory
  • 2 MB of soldered on-board ZBT SRAM memory (166 MHz)
  • 64 MB of soldered on-board SDRAM memory (with ECC)
  • 256 kB I2C Boot EEPROM
  • Two RS232 serial ports
  • One JTAG TAP connection
  • Logic analyzer connectors for debug