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CMX-Tiny+ RTOS » CMX-Tiny

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CMX-Tiny+ RTOS - CMX-TinyThe CMX-Tiny+ real time, preemptive multi-tasking operating system is an extremely ´lean and mean´ kernel for those processors that have a small amount of RAM embedded on the processor´s silicon (minimum of 512 bytes and higher). This specially designed RTOS allows the user to develop application code that is run under an RTOS and yet only use the on board RAM that the processor provides! CMXTiny+ does not need any external RAM, regardless of whether the processor can support the use of external RAM or not.

CMX-Tiny+´s allows the processor´s on board ROM to support both the user´s application code and the CMX-Tiny+ code, in most cases. This unique RTOS, based on a scaled down version of the popular CMX-RTX, retains most of the power of CMX-RTX as well as the more frequently used functions.

The CMX-Tiny+ RTOS offers the following features:

  • Smallest memory footprint of any commercial RTOS
  • Fastest context switch times of any commercial RTOS
  • Lowest interrupt latency times of any commercial RTOS
  • Supports True Preemption
  • Also supports optional co-operative and/or time slicing scheduling
  • Scheduler and interrupt handler are written in assembly for speed and optimization
  • Nested interrupts are supported
  • All functions are contained in a library for ease of use and scalability
  • Interrupt callable functions are supported
  • Highly scalable and modular
  • Full source code provided
  • Source code examples reduce learning curve and speed development
  • Highly portable
  • Free technical support for 180 days
  • Low, one-time license fee
  • Support for many compilers
  • No royalties

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