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Freescale Semiconductor

DEMO9S08DZ60: S08D Family Demonstration board » DEMO9S08DZ60

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DEMO9S08DZ60: S08D Family Demonstration board - DEMO9S08DZ60

The DEMO9S08DZ60 is a demonstration board for the MC9S08DZ60 microcontroller. Application development is quick and easy with the integrated USB-BDM, sample software tools, and examples. An optional BDM_PORT port is also provided to allow use of a BDM_PORT cable. Two, 40-pin connectors provide access to all IO signals on the target MCU.

DEMO9S08DZ60 Features

  • MC9S08DZ60, 64 LQFP
  • 32K Bytes Flash
  • 4K Bytes RAM
  • 2K Bytes EEPROM
  • Timing Sources
  • 4 MHz XTAL
  • OSC socket
  • BNC connector
  • Integrated P&E USB-BDM
  • BDM_PORT header for BDM cable support (not installed)
  • LIN PHY w/ 2, 4-pos Molex connectors
  • HS-CAN PHY w/ 3-pos pin header connector
  • LP Filters on ADC inputs
  • 2 ea., MCU_PORT socket headers for access to MCU IO signals
  • On-board +5V regulator
  • Optional Power from USB-BDM or MCU_PORT connector
  • Power Input Selection Jumpers:
    • Power input from USB-BDM
    • Power input from on-board regulator
    • Power input from Connector J1
    • Optional Power output through Connector J1
  • User Components Provided
    • 3 Push Switches; 2 User, 1 Reset
    • 1 4-pos DIP Switch 7 LED Indicators; 4 User, VDD, USB Power, USB Power Out
    • 2ea. 5K ohm POTs w /LP Filter
  • Jumpers
  • Connectors
    • 2 40-pin MCU I/O Connector
    • 2.0mm Barrel Connector
    • BDM_PORT
    • USB Connectors
    • DB9 Connector