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Dev Emulator E200 Main Body » R0E0200F1EMU00

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Dev Emulator E200 Main Body - R0E0200F1EMU00

The R0E0200F1EMU00 is a E200F full-spec emulator for SH7080, SH/Tiny, SH7146, SH7147, SH7200, SH7210, SH7260, SH7280 and SH7243 series in the SuperH family. The E200F emulator is a software and hardware development support tool for application systems using the Renesas original microcomputer. The emulator main unit case is connected, through the dedicated debugging interface, to the user system. The user system can be debugged under the conditions similar to the actual application conditions. The host machine for controlling the emulator must be an IBM PC compatible machine with USB 1.1/2.0.

Product Components

  • Hardware
    • E200F emulator
    • AC adapter and AC cable
    • USB cable
    • External probe
  • Software and Manuals
    • E200F emulator set-up program
    • SH-2A SH-2 E200F Emulator Users Manual
    • SH-2A SH-2 E200F Emulator Additional Document for Users Manual Supplementary Information on Using the SH7206
  • Attachment
    • Limitations on SH-2A SH-2 E200F Emulator