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Stellaris® AC Induction Motor Reference Design Kit » RDK-ACIM

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Stellaris® AC Induction Motor Reference Design Kit - RDK-ACIM

Not Recommended For New Designs

The Stellaris AC Induction Motor Reference Design Kit (ACIM RDK) contains all the necessary hardware and software to design, develop, and integrate AC induction motor applications. The ACIM RDK combines the strength and flexibility of the Stellaris microcontrollers with Fairchild Semiconductors power modules to create an advanced variable speed AC motor control design that has been carefully engineered for performance, cost, and flexibility.

The ACIM RDK contains new feature-rich Stellaris LM3S818 microcontroller designed for motion control applications, Fairchild Semiconductors FSBS10CH60 power module, a three-phase applicance AC motor, a graphical control program for Windows, cables, source code, and documentation. The ACIM RDK takes advantage of the integrated features of the Stellaris microcontroller and the processing power of the ARM Cortex-M3 core to implement energy-efficient, space vector modulation control.


  • Advanced motor control for three-phase and single-phase AC induction motors
  • Accelerated integration process through a flexible platform
  • Active braking circuit
  • Active in-rush control circuit
  • Easily change line filter, bus capacitors, JTAG interface
  • Code for main control algorithms including space-vector modulation and sine control
  • Accurate current sensing using split low-side current sensing
  • Several isolated control input options including:
    • Virtual COM port through integrated USB port
    • Windows GUI application for configuration, control, and monitoring
    • Logic-level serial port
    • Speed potentiometer and mode switch
    • Speed and position monitoring using quadrature encoder/tachometer input
  • Electrically isolated JTAG port for software debugging
  • Bootloader for firmware upgrades over serial port