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Freescale Semiconductor

QE128 Evaluation Board » EVBQE128

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QE128 Evaluation Board - EVBQE128The EVBQE128 Evaluation Board has been designed for the evaluation, demonstration and debugging of the Freescale Flexis QE128 Microcontrollers (MC9S08QE128 and MCF51QE128). The EVBQE128 can be used as a standalone application or can be controlled by a host PC via its built-in microDART™ interface.


1. An “MCU” section containing:

  • An 80-pin LQFP socket accepting either the MC9S08QE128 or the MCF51QE128 microcontroller
  • A crystal oscillator, a provision for a clock module, a provision for a connector for providing an external clock source, together with jumpers to select the clock source
  • A BDM connector for in-circuit debugging/programming with an external instrument
  • A female header connectors with all of the MCU signals

2. A power supply section containing:

  • A 12 V DC barrel input connector (2.1 mm)
  • A four-way micro terminal block for providing specific power supplies and voltage references to the microcontroller
  • A jumper to select the power supply source (USB bus or barrel connector)
  • A power on/off switch

3. A built-in “microDART INTERFACE” section (with the main circuitry mounted on the back of the board) which allows the host PC to communicate with the microcontroller through a standard USB interface. Jumpers are present to configure this module. Thanks to the microDART in-circuit debugging firmware, BDM commands are sent to the target microcontroller through the USB bus. Additionally, a virtual COM port is automatically available over the same USB connection. This virtual COM port can be used by standard terminal programs, like HyperTerminal, to send/receive serial characters to/from the target microcontroller.

4. An “I/O” section containing

  • A Reset push-button
  • Four additional push-button
  • One potentiometer
  • Eight dip-switches
  • A piezoelectric buzzer
  • A light sensor
  • A temperature sensor
  • Ten user LEDs
  • A circuitry for driving and external LCD
  • A series of jumpers to connect/disconnect the above controls to/from the microcontroller

5. An “RS-232” section containing two RS-232 connectors together with a jumper to enable the RS-232 communication

6. A “SERIAL SETTINGS” section containing jumpers to select communication options

Kit contains:

  • The EVBQE128 evaluation board;
  • 80-pin LQFP MC9S08QE128 and MCF51QE128 microcontrollers;
  • A USB cable;
  • A pick-up vacuum pump;
  • A universal, 12 V DC power supply;
  • System software DVD-ROM, including CodeWarrior™ Development Studio;
  • A Quick Start Guide sheet.