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AVR32 Studio - AVR32 Studio

AVR32 Studio is a free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for AVR32 that enables you to write, build, deploy and debug your C/C++ and assembler code.

AVR32 Studio integrates with the AVR32 GNU Toolchain including GCC for building applications for AVR32.

AVR32 Studio is Built On Eclipse™ and supports Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP, and Linux®.

  • Integrated Development Evironment
  • Source code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Support for writing and debugging Linux applications
  • Debugging views (I/O and System registers, CPU registers and memory)
  • Disassembler view
  • Target control
  • Online help including tutorials
  • Edit and transfer MCU fuse settings
  • Supports JTAGICE mkII for JTAG programming and debugging