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E10A-USB - HS0005KCU02H

Previous E10A solutions have been based on either PCI or PCMCIA and were dedicated to a particular device.

E10A-USB works differently in that the hardware can support any H-UDI or AUD capable device.

You can select which device family the E10A-USB will support at installation. This is a One Time Process (OTP). The E10A-USB can be programmed to support additional device groups with a low-cost software upgrade available from Renesas Development Tool suppliers. This means that only one hardware purchase is necessary, thus reducing the cost of developing with Renesas devices now and in the future.

E10A-USB is supplied as a handy box with debugging software and a connection cable.

Product Structure

The E10A-USB is supplied with the capability to install one Device Group, an additional purchase of one or more Device Group Addition(s) enables the same E10A-USB to support devices from other Device Groups. Please view the Installation and Device Group Additions pages for further details.
E10A-USB emulator is connected to the user system via the exclusive debug interface*1 (H-UDI*2 and AUD*3). That enables to debug in such an environment that is about equal to the actual. Using personal computer (IBM PC compatible) with USB 1.1/2.0 (Full-Speed) as a host computer, E10A-USB emulator can debug not only in laboratory but also fields and anywhere.

*1: E10A-USB emulator is not support all the microcomputers which has the exclusive debug interface (H-UDI and AUD).Please refer to the Target devices list.
*2: The H-UDI (User Debugging Interface) is an interface compatible with the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) specifications.
*3: The AUD (Advanced User Debugger) is one of the emulator functions. The AUD has Branch trace function and RAM monitoring function. As the emulator function depends on the emulator, please refer to the emulator manual to see if the emulator has the AUD function or not.


  • E10A-USB emulator software (Supported IDE: High-performance Embedded Workshop)

User Manual