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M32100T5-SDI-E - M32100T5-SDI-E

The M32100T5-SDI-E is an emulator which has various debugging functions supporting high-speed operation of an M32R Family MCU. The M32R has JTAG-based debugging functions called SDI (Scalable Debug Interface), and this emulator allows on-chip debugging with the SDI. In addition, this emulator can be controlled by the emulator debugger (bundled SW) running on your PC through a USB interface . These features bring efficiency to debugging your system.

This model supports SDI-1, SDI-2 and newly developed SDI-3. And it is a high-end model which has full emulator-like debugging functions such as real-time trace. This model is advanced type which provides enhanced debugging features compared to the already-existing M32100T3-SDI-E.

Select the SDI emulator best-suited to your needs :

  • High-end model (Advanced) : M32100T5-SDI-E
  • Low-end model : M32100T-EZ-E

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