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Dev Emulator Probe M16C/6N » M306NKT-EPB

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Dev Emulator Probe M16C/6N - M306NKT-EPB

The emulation probe is user-replaceable MCU-dependent hardware tool for the PC7501 emulator.
Connecting this emulation probe to a PC7501 emulator allows you to configure a debugging environment for your target system.


  • MCU board for M16C/6N4, M16C/6N5, M16C/6NK, M16C/6NL, M16C/6NM, M16C/6NN(M306NKT-EPBM)
  • Evaluation MCU * Already mounted
  • Probe board for PC7501 (PCA7501EPBA)
  • Converter board for connecting to 100-pin 0.65mm-pitch QFP (M30800T-PTC)
  • 100-pin LCC socket made by Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. (IC61-1004-051 )
  • Oscillator circuit boards
    Main clock for 16MHz (OSC-3)
    Mainclock (OSC-2)
  • Pull up resistors for ports P0-P5 (51kΩ × 6)
  • User´s manual