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EVM430-F6736 - MSP430F6736 EVM for Metering » EVM430-F6736

EVM430-F6736 - MSP430F6736 EVM for Metering - EVM430-F6736


This EVM430-F6736 is a single-phase electricity meter evaluation module based on the MSP430F6736 device. The E-meter can be connected to the main power lines and has inputs for voltage and current, as well as a third connection to setup anti-tampering. It allows a customer to test the new MSP430F673x/F672x series and see the accuracy result, wide dynamic range achieved and ease of calibration. The easy-to-use Energy Library provides metrology software for fast startup with this EVM. The software is also programmable for any user’s needs.


  • Run real-time electricity metering applications

  • Connects to any test system or AC voltage

  • Several power supply options

  • Easy viewing of results and calibration

  • Metrology software provided

What´s Included

Single-phase electricity meter EVM with integrated MSP430F6736 device