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ArmadaXP Quad Core MV78460 Development Platform » CSB1701/1726

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ArmadaXP Quad Core MV78460 Development Platform - CSB1701/1726

ArmadaXP SOM

The Armada XP SOM is based on the 1.33Ghz ARMv7 (PJ4B) Quad Core MV78460 Microprocessor from Marvell. The CSB1726-ArmadaXP delivers a whopping 2GByte of DDR3-1333 ECC protected Memory, 8MB of High Reliability SPI NOR Flash and 512MB SLC NAND Flash. High Speed Peripherals include Two 1G Ethernet Copper ports (each with an auto-switched SGMII/Fiber Port), an additional pair of 1G/2.5G capable SGMII Ports, Two Gen2 SATA Ports and Three PCI Express Links (one x4 and two x1). Combined with the wide input range (8V to 18V) on-board power supplies and advanced IPM power management microcontroller, the CSB1726-MV78460 is absolutely ideal for high performance Multi-Gigabit Networking applications such as Ethernet to Wireless Gateways, Cell Phone Base Stations, Industrial Ethernet Routers, Network Attached Storage, Rack-Mount ARM Based Servers and more.

A Linux 3.2.x BSP is available and CSB1726-ArmadaXP development is fully supported with the CSB1701 Micro-ATX Development Platform

Micro-ATX Development Platform

  • PCI EXPRESS SOCKET 1 - This x16 Socket is connected to SOM PCI Express Port 0, Lanes 0-3. The actual width (x1, x2 or x4) is SOM specific.
  • PCI EXPRESS SOCKET 2 - This x1 Socket is connected to SOM PCI Express Port 1.
  • PCI EXPRESS SOCKET 3 - This x1 Socket is connected to SOM PCI Express Port 2.
  • 10/100/1000 ETHERNET - Two Shielded, Combo Dual USB/RJ45 Connectors with Magnetics provide access to the SOM Copper Ethernet Ports. They are compatible with both 10/100 and Gigabit SOM´s.
  • SGMII/XAUI SERDES - An offset mounted PCIe x4 Connector is used to provide access to SOM SGMII Ports 0-3 or XAUI.
  • SATA - Two Standard 7-Pin SATA Connectors allow access to SOM SATA Ports 0 and 1.
  • REMOTE LCD I/F - A high speed Mini-SAS Connector provides access to the SOM LVDS. It also brings out SOM USB Host Port 1 for HMI applications.
  • SD/MMC SOCKET - A full size SD/MMC socket provides access to the SOM SD/MMC Port.
  • HIGH SPEED USB HUB - SOM USB Host port 0 goes to a Four Port High Speed USB Hub. Ports 0 and 1 of this Hub go to Combo Ethernet/USB Jack 0, while ports 2 and 3 go to Combo Ethernet/USB Jack 1.
  • CONSOLE I/O - UART0 is converted to USB and accessed via a Mini-B Connector.
    CPU SPECIFIC I/O HEADER - A 40-Pin Header provides access to the CPU Specific I/O Ports: UART1; UART2/CAN; TDM/SSP; I2S/AC97; SPI; and I2C.
  • JTAG - A 20-Pin Header provides access to the CPU JTAG Port.
    COGENT MXM SOM SUPPORT - Common, Interchangeable Footprint across Multiple CPU Architectures;
    • Supports MXM SOM Size-A (50mm x 70mm), Size-B (75mm x 70mm) and Size-C (100mm x 70mm), Network
  • Pinout; 12V Fan Header controlled by SOM IPM Micro for Active CPU Cooling; plus 8-Position DIP Switch for SOM Configuration Options.
  • POWER SUPPLY - Standard 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Connector (SOM uses +12V only)
  • FLEX-ATX SIZE - 170mm x 228.6mm (7.5" x 9.0") Board fits into almost any off the shelf Micro-ATX Enclosure including Small Form Factor (SFF) Enclosures.