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Dev Emulator Base Unit H8S/2678 Series » E62678R

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Dev Emulator Base Unit H8S/2678 Series - E62678R

E62678 Overview

The E6000 emulator for the H8S/2678 family incorporates the debugging and emulation features of a full in-circuit emulator at an affordable price. The main features are:

  • Zero wait-state real-time emulation
  • 4MB Emulation memory that can be mapped in 64kB blocks into the target processor´s address space
  • 256 PC Breakpoint
  • Up to 12 hardware breakpoints using the Event and Range channels of the Complex Event System (CES)
  • 32k cycles trace buffer which can be stopped and read during program operation
  • Trace buffer aquisition filtering using the CES
  • Execution measurement of total time or relative time with resolution of 16u-20ns.
  • 4 user logic probes which can be used to trigger CES events
  • Automatic tracking of target supply voltage
  • Multiple target clock selection
  • PCI host interface
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible
  • Windows debugger software interface
  • No need to remove the casing to connect the target

Supported Devices

  • H8S2676, 2676F, 2675
  • H8S/2674R
  • H8S/2673, 2670
  • H8S/2667F
  • H8S/2378RF, 2378F, 2377RF, 2377F, 2376F, 2375R, 2375, 2373R, 2373
  • H8S/2368F, 2367F, 2366F, 2365, 2363