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Freescale Semiconductor

TWR-MCF51MM-KIT: Medical Development Kit for MCF51MM Family » TWR-MCF51MM-KIT

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TWR-MCF51MM-KIT: Medical Development Kit for MCF51MM Family - TWR-MCF51MM-KITThe TWR-MCF51MM-KIT is a medical-oriented development tool for the MCF51MM256 microcontroller. This kit is part of the Freescale Tower System, a modular, reconfigurable development platform that allows designers to get to market faster with packaged evaluation boards, tools and runtime software. The kit includes the MED-EKG which is an electrocardiograph sensor for medical applications development. The MCF51MM microcontroller module is designed to be a standalone debug tool and can also be purchased separately from the kit, part number TWR-MCF51MM


  • Freescale Tower System compliant
  • Integrated open-source BDM debugging tool
  • Small form factor
  • Supports external communications interfaces
  • Includes power regulation circuitry with standardized bus
  • Two 80-pin connectors on the outside to support debugging or expansion to LCD module
  • RS232, RS485, CAN , USB
  • Open connector for MED-EKG development board
  • Low power
Kit Contains
  • TWR-MCF51MM - 32-bit module that features the MCF51MM256
  • TWR-SER - Serial module that features Ethernet, USB, RS232/485 and CAN
  • TWR-ELEV - Two elevator boards that provide structural integrity, communications interfaces, power regulation circuitry with standardized bus
  • Necessary cables
  • MED-EKG - Electrocardiograph sensor to develop medical applications with Flexis MM Family
  • An interactive DVD with lab tutorials, software, training and collateral
  • A printed guide on how to quickly get started using the development kit

Energy Effiiency Quick facts

The Flexis MM series are ideal for portable medical devices and ultra-low-power medical design

  • Low-power, modified matrix-type resistor-ladder DAC reduces power by a factor of five compared to other DAC implementations
  • VREF power level is configurable
  • OPAMP/TRIAMP power level is configurable
  • Two ultra-low-power stop modes
  • Clock gating registers disable clocks to unused peripherals