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Freescale Semiconductor

Kinetis K53 Tower System Module » TWR-K53N512

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Kinetis K53 Tower System Module - TWR-K53N512The TWR-K53N512 is a development module for the K53 family of Kinetis microcontrollers. This module can be used standalone or as part of the Tower System. The module provides an interface to the medical expansion connector and TWRPI-SLCD modules.


  • MK53N512CMD100 MAPBGA 144 pins MCU
  • Tower compatible processor module
  • S08JM60 based Open Source JTAG (JTAG) circuit
  • User-controlled status LEDs
  • Capacitive Touch Pad sensors and mechanical push buttons
  • Medical expansion connector (connect AFE Plugin like TWR –MCF51MM)
  • SD Card Slot
  • Connect TWRPI-SLCD board (28 segment LCD) through TWRPI interface.
  • Compatible with TWR-SER (Ethernet, USB connectivity)
  • MMA7660 Accelerometer


  • TWR-K53N512 - 32-bit MCU module with MK53N512CMD100 MCU (144 MAPBGA) and TWRPI-SLCD daughter card
  • DVD with IDE software, training materials and collateral
  • TWR-K53N512 Quick Start Guide document