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eZ80AcclaimPlus!™ Ethernet Zdots® SBC » EZ80F917050SBCG

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eZ80AcclaimPlus!™ Ethernet Zdots® SBC - EZ80F917050SBCGZilog’s eZ80AcclaimPlus!TM Ethernet Zdots® Single Board Computers (SBCs) deliver a complete 10/100Base-T Ethernet solution including an RFC compliant TCP/IP Stack and RTOS. The flexibility provided by the RTOS allows the SBC to be used as the main application processor in addition to providing Ethernet connectivity.

The MCU is a 50MHz eZ80F91 which features an integrated Ethernet MAC and internal Dual Ported RAM which is supported by single cycle DMA to ensure Ethernet traffic does not compete with processor bus bandwidth. 16KB of internal RAM is available of which 8KB is used for the Ethernet MAC.

Product Features

  • 50 MHz High Performance eZ80® CPU Core
  • 256 KB Flash Program Memory internal to the eZ80F91
  • 1 MB additional Flash memory on eZ80F917050SBCG
  • 512KB SRAM - eZ80F917050SBCG
  • 128KB SRAM - eZ80F916005MODG
  • Power management features supporting Sleep, Halt, and peripheral power-down controls
  • 32-Bit GPIO
  • Four 16-bit Counter/Timers with pre-scalers and direct input/output drive
  • Two independent UARTs with multi-drop mode
  • SPI and I2C ports
  • Watch-Dog Timer with selectable clock inputs
  • Real-time clock with 32KHz oscillator support
  • RJ-45 connector supporting 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • 56 pin dual in-line interface connector (eZ80F916005MODG)
  • 60 pin dual in-line interface connector (eZ80F917050SBCG)
  • Full external processor bus, I/O’s and peripherals available on interface connectors for system expansion
  • RFC Compliant TCP/IP stack and RTOS

TCP/IP and RTOS Support:

ZTP is a preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS integrated with an RFC compliant TCP/IP protocol software stack optimized for embedded eZ80F91 applications. The modular design of ZTP enables the user to include only the library objects required by the application minimizing the memory footprint.
This S/W is provided in object form free of charge and without royalties or license fees to Zilog customers.

The eZ80AcclaimPlus! Ethernet Zdots SBCs can perform a wide variety of ethernet enabled functionality including data communication, automation and control, key pad interface and control, web page interface, web server functionality, and serial-to-TCP gateway functionality.

ZTP supports the following core protocols:


Higher level TCP/IP services supported:

HTTP/HTTPS server, TFTP server, SNMP agent, TELNET client/server, SMTP client, DNS client, TIMEP client and FTP client/server (includes file system).