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Freescale Semiconductor

TWR-S08LH64: Tower System 8-bit Segment LCD Module Board » TWR-S08LH64

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TWR-S08LH64 Available Directly From Manufacturer QUOTE
TWR-S08LH64: Tower System 8-bit Segment LCD Module Board - TWR-S08LH64This module is designed to be combined and used with a variety of peripheral modules in the Tower System, and can also operate as a standalone debug tool that can be purchased separately from the complete kit, part number TWR-S08LH64.


  • 5 K One Turn Potentiometer
  • RS232 port
  • MC9S08LH64 MCU
  • 32,768 Hz Crystal
  • Freescale 3 axis accelerometer ADC input to MCU
  • Buzzer
  • Light Sensor with LP filter and opamp
  • Mini-B USB connector
  • 1 reset push button and 4 push switches
  • 2 x 28 segments LCD display

Energy Efficiency Quick Facts

  • For long battery life in consumer, industrial and personal healthcare applications
    • ADC operation in low power modes
    • Ultra-low-power stop modes
    • Advanced low-power run and wait modes
    • 6 us wake-up time
    • Ultra-low-power external oscillator
    • Clock gating registers disable clocks to unused peripherals
  • Freescale’s lowest power microcontroller with LCD driver, < 50% current draw of previous generation
  • Benchmark performance, e.g. 2x battery lifetime in a typical clock display application

Kit Contains:

The TWR-S08LH64 module contains:
  • TWR-S08LH64 board
  • Necessary cables
  • An interactive DVD with lab tutorials, software, training and collateral
  • A printed guide on how to quickly get started