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Bundle Wireless deRFmega128-22A02 » 30125

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Bundle Wireless deRFmega128-22A02 - 30125Main component of the affordable and high performance wireless module deRFmega128-22A021 is a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver ATmega128RFA1 which has been recently launched by Atmel. It is the single chip solution of a 8Bit-AVR microcontroller

This wireless module is intended for wireless solutions in accordance with the standard IEEE 802.15.4 and for ZigBee ® / 6LoWpan / RF4CE applications. Special features of this module is its compact design and the pluggable application. The 46 pins of two plug connectors provide full access to all functions of the ATmega128RFA1. A serial EEPROM with the capacity if 1MBit offers high memory capacity e.g. for a firmware update on-air.

The cable of the provided pigtail allows a distance of 150 mm between the wireless module and the antenna which is also included in the bundle. With connected antenna the integrated transceiver generates typical +2.4 dBm ERP transmit power and obtains a receiver sensitivity of –101 dBm. Ranges of over 200 m in a free field can be reached. A hardware 128-Bit AES encryption engine is part of the transceiver.

The power supply range is from 1.8 VDC to 3.6 VDC. In the transmit and receive mode the power consumption is approx. 18 mA, in sleep mode it is less than 2 µA. The module contains is a 32 kHz low power timer.

deRFmega128-22A021 is certified according to ETSI and FCC Part-15.

- 1 wireless module deRFmega128-22A02
- 1 pigtail
- 1 antenna

Adapter deRFtoRCB

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for fast start-up of deRFmega128-22A021:
Sensor Terminal Board

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