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ADM51 Emulator for Teridian 8051 MCUs » ADM51

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ADM51 Emulator for Teridian 8051 MCUs - ADM51

ADM51 is a small, palm-sized In-Circuit Debugger for the Teridian (Maxim) 8051 family of MCUs for energy measurement (power meters), smart card readers and circuit breakers. It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) that runs in the high-speed mode at 480Mbps.

ADM51 supports the following Teridian (Maxim) devices:

  • 71M6402, 71M6403, 78M6404
  • 71M6511, 71M6513, 71M6523
  • 71M6531, 71M6533, 71M6534
  • 71M6541, 71M6542, 71M6543
  • 71M8100
  • 73S1200, 73S1205, 73S1209, 73S1210, 73S1215, 73S1217
  • 78M6612, 78M6618

ADM51 comes with Chameleon Debugger for 8051 and is compatible with Keil C51 and ASM51 compile tools.

•   USB 2.0 high-speed port (480 Mbps) provides faster downloads      
•   Includes Chameleon Debugger
•   HLL debugging for C-51
•   Supports all on-chip HW breakpoints
•   Real time transparent emulation up to 40 MHz
•   In-line symbolic assembler and disassembler
•   HW and SW reakpoints
•   Optional 128K of real-time trace memory with time stamp
•   Optional Complex Events to trigger Breakpoints or Trace logic 
•   Performance Analysis with histograms for execution speed analysis
•   Execution Profiling with bar graph for function frequency analysis
•   Optional Coverage Analysis with source tagging and report of unexecuted code
•   Windows 7, XP and 98 compatible