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Stellaris® Brushed DC (BDC) 12V Motor Module » MDL-BDC

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Stellaris® Brushed DC (BDC) 12V Motor Module - MDL-BDC

Not Recommended For New Designs

Luminary Micro’s Stellaris Brushed DC Motor Control Module with CAN (MDL-BDC) offers a variable speed control for 12 V brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current. The motor control module includes high performance Controller Area Network (CAN) connectivity and a rich set of control options and sensor interfaces, including analog and quadrature encoder interfaces. The high-frequency PWM on the BDC module enables DC motors to run smoothly and quietly over a wide speed range. The module uses highly optimized software and a powerful 32-bit Stellaris microcontroller to implement open-loop speed control as well as closed-loop control of speed, position, or motor current.


The MDL-BDC includes the following product features:

  • Quiet control of brushed DC motors
    • 15 kHz PWM frequency
  • Two options for Speed control
    • Industry-standard R-C servo type (PWM) interface
    • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface
  • CAN communication
    • Full configurability of module options
    • Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, speed, and other parameters
    • Load firmware over CAN
  • Motor brake/coast selector
  • Limit switch inputs for forward and reverse directions
  • Status LED indicates Run, Direction, and Fault conditions
  • Quadrature encoder input (QEI) and analog input
  • Color-coded screw terminals for all power wiring
  • Easy to customize using tools supporting the MDL-BDC from Keil, IAR, Code Sourcery, or Code Red (using a Stellaris evaluation kit or preferred ARM® Cortex™-M3 debugger)