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Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module with CAN Reference Design Kit » RDK-BDC24

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Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module with CAN Reference Design Kit - RDK-BDC24Not Recommended For New Designs

The Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module with CAN (RDK-BDC24) provides variable speed control for both 12 V and 24 V brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current, and includes a new RS232-based serial control input that also functions as a serial-to-CAN bridge. The MDL-BDC24 includes a rich set of sensor interfaces, connectivity, and control options

The RDK-BDC24 is a Stellaris reference design for speed control of 12 V and 24 V brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current. Features include high-performance CAN and RS232 networking as well as a rich set of control options and sensor interfaces, such as analog and quadrature encoder interfaces.

High-frequency PWM enables the DC motor to run smoothly and quietly over a wide speed range. The MDL-BDC24 uses highly optimized software and a powerful 32-bit Stellaris LM3S2616 microcontroller to implement open-loop speed control as well as closed-loop control of speed, position, or motor current.

The Reference Design Kit (RDK-BDC24) contains an MDL-BDC24 motor control module as well as additional hardware and software for evaluating RS232 communication. After evaluating the RDK-BDC24, users may choose to either customize parts of the hardware and software design or use the MDL-BDC24 without modification.

The MDL-BDC24 ships as a ready-to-run, yet customizable, module with the following features:

  • Quiet control of brushed DC motors with 15 kHz PWM frequency
  • Three options for open-loop voltage control
              Industry-standard R-C servo type (PWM) interface
              Controller Area Network (CAN) interface
              RS232 serial interface
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface or RS232 serial interface for closed-loop, speed, position, or current control
  • CAN communication
              Full configurability of module options
              Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, speed, and other parameters
              Load firmware over RS232/CAN
  • RS232 serial communication
              Bridges an RS232-enabled device to the CAN
              Directly interfaces to a PC serial port or National Instruments cRIO
  • Limit switch inputs for forward and reverse directions
  • Firmware features
             Full configurability of closed-loop module parameters
             Real-time monitoring of sensor data including motor current, encoder position or speed,
             and limit switch state
  • Status LED indicates run, direction, and fault conditions
  • Motor brake/coast selector
  • Quadrature encoder input (QEI) and analog input
  • Color-coded screw terminals for all power wiring

Kit Contents In addition to being offered as a stand-alone, ready-for-production module, the Stellaris® MDL-BDC24 is also offered as a complete open-tool reference design kit (RDK-BDC24). The RDK ships with everything needed to quickly evaluate the MDL-BDC24 for your specific application including the following:

  • MDL-BDC24 motor control module
  • Mabuchi RS-555PH-3255 Brushed DC Motor (rated 5000 RPM, 12 V, 3 A)
  • Universal input wall power supply
  • DB9 to RJ12 Serial-to-CAN adapter
  • 2 6P-6C modular cables (1 ft and 7 ft)
  • CAN plug-in 120-Ù terminator
  • Adapter cable for ARM JTAG/SWD fine-pitch header
  • Reference design kit CD with complete documentation, LM Flash Programmer utility for firmware updates, BDC-COMM GUI for monitor and control, and complete source code, schematics, and PCB Gerber files