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eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler - ETASKSYNC

HCC eTaskSync is a no compromise, MISRA-compliant, cooperative scheduler used for running tasks in an embedded system. HCC provides many middleware products whose operations need to be properly synchronized and coordinated. This can be achieved using a small subset of the typical functions of a standard kernel: tasks, events and mutexes. eTaskSync is designed to provide that synchronization. It can be used for simple cooperative task scheduling in an embedded system and is particularly suited for embedded systems that require a high level of reliability and availability. It is available with a fully documented MISRA compliance report.

Key Features

  • Small footprint <2kB code; 100bytes RAM
  • Prioritized Tasks
  • Mutexes
  • Events
  • 100% statement coverage tested
  • Developed to industry ‘best practices’
  • Suitable for use in products requiring high availability or certification
  • Ports available for a wide range of microcontrollers
  • Fully compliant with MISRA-C:2004

eTaskSync can be executed externally and it is possible to define the maximum number of ticks it runs for. This makes it easy to plan the execution times of HCC Middleware with non-OS or run-till- completion schedulers. The benefit of this approach for the system designer is that middleware stacks will not block the system.

MISRA Compliance and Software Verification

HCC eTaskSync is fully compliant with MISRA-C:2004. First introduced by the automotive industry, MISRA has become a ‘best practice’ coding standard widely used in the medical, industrial, telecom and aerospace industries. HCC has developed its own rigorous coding standard to create a concise, strongly typed subset of the C language for use in embedded systems. The result is clean, clear and robust code without ambiguities. It is appropriate for use on the most critical embedded applications. Full compliance documentation, developed using the LDRA Tool Suite, is supplied to help customers integrate with existing development processes and to confirm that the highest standards of compliance have been met.

Completely Free Evaluation

Simply send us an email and we will send you a completely free, source code based version of eTaskSync for evaluation free of charge and with no obligation.