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System Navigator™ Pro Probe » SNP-512-1M

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System Navigator™ Pro Probe - SNP-512-1M

System Navigator™ Pro Probe for MIPS32® Cores

MIPS Technologies´ System Navigator Pro probes support all MIPS32® cores with PDtrace™ features if the core is designed to stream processor trace data off-chip. System Navigator Pro probes support both on-chip and off-chip trace features, capturing up to 2GB of trace. The System Navigator Pro probe connects to the target system using a 38-pin Mictor connector.

Extensive debugger support including Eclipse-based MIPS Navigator™ ICS on Windows® and Linux

Software development tools used with the System Navigator Pro probes include the GNU-based MIPS® toolchain and the new MIPS Navigator Integrated Component Suite (ICS). All probe features are available from the Navigator ICS interface, which has an Eclipse-standard interface and C/C++ Development Tool (CDT) components with special plug-ins for processor debugging using the probe.

The system runs on a PC with Windows NT/2000/XP or Linux and requires a USB 2.0 or 10/100 Ethernet connection.

Key Features

  • Supports all MIPS32 processor designs, leveraging the off-chip trace features available in the core
  • Supports multiple source level debuggers including the CodeSourcery SG++ toolchain, MIPS Navigator ICS, GDB, and Viosoft Arriba for Embedded Linux debugging
  • Supports on-chip and off-chip capture modes depending on processor implementation
  • Real-time PC execution trace, load/store address, and data trace
  • Trace can be gated on/off by on-chip triggers
  • Scalable internal trace depth or external trace port width and speed
  • Trace depth up to 2GB in external trace mode
  • Unlimited software breakpoints via SDBBP instruction
  • Single-step by assembly or C source line
  • Read-write all CPU registers
  • Read-write memory whether CPU is stopped or running
  • MIPS-standard hardware breakpoints
  • Flash programming support
  • Multi-core debug with multiple MIPS cores
  • Mixed core debug with MIPS and other cores supported as an option
  • Go, halt processor run control
  • Low-level access to JTAG functions for silicon verification
  • Single line assembler and disassembler
  • Command-line interface with Tcl/tk scripting language standard
  • Binary software interface adheres to MDI specification