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Freescale Semiconductor

DEMOAC: Flexis™ AC Family Demo Board » DEMOACKIT

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DEMOAC: Flexis™ AC Family Demo Board - DEMOACKITThe DEMOAC provides a platform supporting a line of Freescale microcontrollers which are part of the Flexis Continuum.
Target microcontrollers mount on plug-in modules to support quickly changing the target MCU.
The DEMOACEX is a peripheral expansion board designed to interface with the DEMOAC board.
The DEMOACEX applies the Freescale MC33794 E-Field Imaging Sensor connected to touch-pad in various arrangements.


  • DEMOAC Features:
    • Integrated, USB BDM
    • ON/OFF Power Switch
    • Power Input Select Option Header
      • On-board 5V regulator
      • Power from USB BDM
      • Optional Power Sourced to Connector J1
    • 4MHz XTAL Oscillator
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • LEDs – 4 User, 1 Power, 1 Reset
    • Push button switches – 4 user, 1 Reset
    • 5K ohm POT
    • Jumpers to disconnect User Features
    • 80-pin MCU PORT provides access to MCU signals
    • 4 20-pos pin-headers support plug-in MCU modules
    • IIC Termination Select Header
  • DEMOACEX Features:
    • 80-pin MCU PORT connects to DEMOAC board
    • 9ch, E-Field Sensor
    • E-Field Touch Pad including Rotary Dial and Push-Buttons
    • 2 Low-Pass RC Filters
    • 5V – 12V Boost Switcher Power Supply for E-Field Sensor
    • LEDs – 10 User, 1 E-Field Lamp
    • CAN 2.0 A/B PHY w/ 3-pos header
    • Jumpers to disconnect all IO signals
    • SOIC and TSSOP pads for external IC´s
    • Large thru-hole prototyping area w/ +adjacent 5V and GND


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