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Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

MPLAB® REAL ICE™ In-Circuit Emulator

_MPLAB® REAL ICE™ In-Circuit EmulatorThe MPLAB REAL ICE in-circuit emulator is an in-circuit emulator that is controlled by a PC running MPLAB IDE software on a Windows® platform.

SAMA5D35-EK Cortex-A5 Dev Kit

_SAMA5D35-EK Cortex-A5 Dev KitThe SAMA5D35-EK is a full-featured evaluation platform for the Atmel SAMA5D35 embedded microprocessor.

Stellaris® LM3S3748 EVB with CodeSourcery G++

_Stellaris® LM3S3748 EVB with CodeSourcery G++Not Recommended For New Designs The Stellaris® LM3S3748 Evaluation Board (EVB) is a compact and versatile evaluation platform for the Stellaris LM3S3748 ARM® Cort

C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design

_C8051F850 Motor Control Reference Design The Silicon Labs C8051F850 Sensorless Brushless dc (BLDC) Motor Control Reference Design is a ready to use motor control solution with production-quality hardware and software for quick evaluatio

LPCXpresso Board for LPC1769

_LPCXpresso Board for LPC1769Populated with the LPC1769 the platform is comprised of a simplified Eclipse-based IDE and low-cost target boards which include an attached JTAG debugger.

High Voltage PFC Developer's Kit

_High Voltage PFC Developer's KitThe High Voltage PFC Developers Kit uses a Piccolo microcontroller to control a 300W, two-phase interleaved, PFC stage.

AM35x Evaluation Module (EVM) w/ Cryptography Accelerators

_AM35x Evaluation Module (EVM) w/ Cryptography AcceleratorsThe EVM now features the new AM3517 device with dedicated cryptography hardware accelerators that increase encryption performance without utilizing valuable ARM headroom, optimizing secure protocols s

C2000 Power Line Communications Add-on Kit

_C2000 Power Line Communications Add-on Kit The C2000 PLC Add-on Kit includes hardware modules to enable power line communications (PLC) applications with the AC LED Lighting & Communications Kit.

Mini ITX Mainboard for COM Express Type 10 Modules

_Mini ITX Mainboard for COM Express Type 10 Modules This 170mm x 170mm COM Express mainboard MB-COME10-1 in combination with the Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) type 10 modules forms a compact hardware kit that can be easily scaled from a single core


_STK600-SOICGeneric STK600 socketcard for SOIC14/20/24/32 Wide.

MPC8555 Configurable Development System

_MPC8555 Configurable Development SystemThe CDS system is designed to aid hardware and software developers of the PowerQUICC™ III family by providing an evaluation platform for MPC8555E, and MPC8541E derivatives in the 783-pin FC-PBGA

16-bit HCS12 DG128 Stand Alone Student Learning Kit

_16-bit HCS12 DG128 Stand Alone Student Learning KitThis stand-alone student learning kit (S12UB) is targeted at teaching the first course in microcontrollers at the university level. The kit contains all of the materials needed to learn MC9S12DG128 op

Sensor Hub Booster Pack for Tiva

_Sensor Hub Booster Pack for Tiva The Texas Instruments Sensor Hub BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-SENSHUB) is an add-on board designed to fit the Tiva™ C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad along with all of TI’s MCU LaunchPads

Kinetis KV4x Family Tower System Module

_Kinetis KV4x Family Tower System Module The TWR-KV46F150M is a development tool for the Kinetis V series KV4x MCU family built on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor. The TWR-KV46F150M MCU module is designed to work either in standal


_CM-i.MX53-C-C-Q24S1024F4N2048 The Core Module CM-i.MX53 is based on Freescale’s next generation, high-performance, power-efficient, consumer multimedia applications processor i.MX53. The Core Modul

EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR - Blackfin Development Board

_EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR - Blackfin Development BoardThe EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR Board is an extender board that can be plugged on all Blackfin based Development and Evaluation Boards. All connector pins of the expansion connector are available as solderable p

I2C-USB Bridge Kit

_I2C-USB Bridge KitThe I2C-USB Kit allows one to test, tune and debug hardware and softwareof a PSoC application by bridging the USB port to I2C. Populated withthe CY8C24894 PSoC device. A wide variety of devices can be

3-Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Stellaris® LM4F211 MCU

_3-Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Stellaris® LM4F211 MCUThe Texas Instruments´ Medium Voltage Digital Motor Control Kit for Stellaris® LM4F Microcontrollers (DK-LM4F-DRV8312) is a development platform for spinning three-phase brushless DC (BLDC)

F28M36 Concerto Control Card

_F28M36 Concerto Control CardThe C2000 controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are ideal products for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require easy acc

Socket Module for MPLAB® PM3 - 18L/28L/40L DIP

_Socket Module for MPLAB® PM3 - 18L/28L/40L DIPAC164301 socket module supports 8P, 14P, 18P, 28P, and 40P DIP PICmicro or dsPIC devices on MPLAB PM3 Programmer.


_AT32UC3C-EKThe Atmel® AT32UC3C-EK is an evaluation kit and development system for the Atmel AVR® UC3 AT32UC3C0512C microcontroller.

LPC1768 LPCXpresso Board

_LPC1768 LPCXpresso BoardThe LPC1768 LPCXpresso board with NXP´s ARM Cortex-M3 LPC17xx microcontrollers has been designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with Cortex-M3. The LPCXpresso comprises a target b

i.MX53 Processor Module (SOM)

_i.MX53 Processor Module (SOM) This module is based on i.MX537 from Freescale includes an integrated display controller, full HD capability, enhanced graphics and connectivity features. It is ideal for a range of applications


_TrueINSPECTOR®Atollic TrueINSPECTOR® is a tool for static source code inspection that calculates code complexity metrics and checks code constructs against the MISRA C standard.