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Articles & Papers

September- Embedded Developer Magazine

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Home Brew System Taps IoT

Work remotely, lights on remotely, and now, brew beer remotely thanks to the Arduino module. Using this microcontroller module along with a variety of electronics components, home brewer Michael ImObersteg put together a brew system that allows him to monitor his tanks from miles away.

Banana Pi: The New Age of Single-Board Computers

If you have been interested in programming, electronics, or computing in general in the past several years, then you probably have used the Raspberry Pi. It is a wonderful, little piece of hardware that can help you learn how to code.

Atmel Shows American Pride at the White House Maker Faire

“Today’s DIY is tomorrow’s ‘Made in America,’” President Obama proclaimed in his opening remarks at the White House Maker Faire in June 2014. To commemorate the rise in DIY innovation, the White House sponsored its first-ever Maker Faire and invited makers of all ages from around the country to show off their innovations. Projects ranged from robotic giraffes to a mobile 3D printing fab lab.

2014 NXP AXP Design Contest Winner’s Circle: Wide Voltage Range Inductorless LED Driver

This project is a wide voltage range inductorless LED driver with ambient light sensor and low power indicator. It has also a wide range inductorless flashing LED that can easily adapt for other purposes or can be transformed into a range of different and useful applications. With just the AXP Logic board and few passive components, the project is capable of demonstrating extremely low operating voltage with minimum number of parts and no additional active components.

2014 NXP AXP Design Contest Winner’s Circle: Dry Soil and High Temperature Circuit Warning

The project uses a simple circuit with a configurable logic block from NXP, which warns if a plant needs watering exceeds predetermined temperature. LED indicators are used for warning if the plant needs water and when the temperature goes high. The circuit utilizes low power and is low cost with readily available components. A comparator circuit is used for soil resistance, which goes low if the soil is dry and another comparator circuit goes high if temperature is above 32°C.

Where the wheels meet the rails: designing embedded equipment to monitor axles on a running train

Rolling stock is the most maintenance intensive part of the railway system and train axles, wheels and brakes are the most vulnerable. The axles of a running train have to be constantly measured in “real-time“ for items such the temperature profile of brakes, wheels and axle bearing to detect cracks and overheated parts.

Ayla Design Kit

The Ayla Design Kit features a Murata Wi-Fi connectivity module. By utilizing this module with the embedded Ayla agent, developers are able to connect products to the Ayla cloud service and quickly create applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

Remote Control Demo Board

_Remote Control Demo BoardThis demo board integrates Graphics, mTouch, USB and RF4CE into a single demo It demonstrates a remote populated with a 3.5" Graphical TFT LC, capacitive touch keys a 2.4 GHz transceiver and ZENA

C8051F330DK Development Kit

_C8051F330DK Development KitThe C8051F330DK Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051F330, F330D, F331, F332, F333, F334 and F335 MCUs.

KickkStart Kit for MCF52223 +J-Liink JTAG Probe

_KickkStart Kit for MCF52223 +J-Liink JTAG ProbeIAR KickStart Kit for MCF52223 (ColdFire) contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications: MCF52223-SK development board IAR vi

FS2009 - Portable multi-project ISP Programmer for Atmel AT91SAM7 Microcontrollers

_FS2009 - Portable multi-project ISP Programmer for Atmel AT91SAM7 MicrocontrollersThe FS2009(SAM7) is a portable multi-project programmer which supports high-speed In-System Programming (ISP) of Atmel AT91SAM7 ARM microcontrollers via the ARM Debug JTAG Interface.

Kinetis K60 Family Starter Kit with Keil MDK

_Kinetis K60 Family Starter Kit with Keil MDKRealize your design quickly with the Keil Starter Kit for the Freescale Kinetis K60 family of microcontrollers. This edition of the popular Tower System development kits for Kinetis comes complete wit

System On Module AM3517

_System On Module AM3517The AM3517 System on Module (SOM) is a compact, product-ready hardware and software solution that fast forwards embedded designs while reducing risk and controlling cost. Based on Texas Instruments&ac

XDS100v2 JTAG Emulator (20-pin compact TI connector)

_XDS100v2 JTAG Emulator (20-pin compact TI connector)The XDS100 JTAG scan-based emulator is a robust and efficient JTAG emulation controller supporting debug of a variety of TI devices.

AVR32 UC3L Software Framework

_AVR32 UC3L Software FrameworkThe AVR32 AT32UC3L software framework consists of AVR32 UC3L microcontroller drivers, software services, and demonstration applications. Each software module is provided with full source code, example

DAVE version 3

_DAVE version 3DAVE™ 3 will support the XMC4000 family. Other Infineon MCU families are supported by DAVE version 2.

Sourcery G++ for Power EABI

_Sourcery G++ for Power EABISourcery G++™ for Power EABI is CodeSourcery´s professional C/C++ development tool suite for Power Architecture™-based bare metal target systems.


_MityDSP-6455F-ProThe MityDSP-PRO system on module is a highly configurable, high performance, small form-factor processor card that features a Texas Instruments TMS320C6455 1.2 GHz Digital Signal Processor (DSP) tight

A51 Assembler Kit

_A51 Assembler KitThe A51 Assembler Kit for the 8051 microcontroller family enables you to write assembler programs for practically any 8051 derivative.

SuperPro 500P Programmer

_SuperPro 500P ProgrammerFastest Cheapest Programmer: With ARM7 MCU it gives ultra-fast programming experience. Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V. Built-in 48 universal pin drivers. CE and ROHS Compliant

MPC8560ADS: Application Development System for MPC8560

_MPC8560ADS: Application Development System for MPC8560The MPC8560ADS board is designed to aid hardware and software developers of the PowerQUICC III family by providing an evaluation platform for the MPC8560 in the 783-pin FC-PBGA package.

MCBSTM32 Evaluation Board + ULINK2 JTAG Adapter

_MCBSTM32 Evaluation Board + ULINK2 JTAG AdapterThe Keil MCBSTM32 Evaluation Board introduces you to the STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3 family of ARM devices and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. One

Fm+ Development Board Kit

_Fm+ Development Board Kit The Fm+ Development Kit  is intended for several different tasks; Explore the I2C-Bus, Run demonstrations of NXP’s I2C Fm+ Slaves and Bus Controllers, Develop I2C H

Three Phase BLDC, PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301-LS31, Encoder and TMS570 Safety MCU

_Three Phase BLDC, PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301-LS31, Encoder and TMS570 Safety MCUThe DRV8301-LS31-KIT is a motor control evaluation kit for spinning three phase brushless DC and brushless AC (BLAC) - often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) – motors with exam

KickStart Kit for STM32L152VB

_KickStart Kit for STM32L152VB IAR KickStart Kit for STM32L152VB contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, start to develop, integrate and test your applications: S


_AT91SAM9XE-EKThis kit lets designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on an Atmel SAM9XE microcontroller.

Blackfin FPGA EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite's

_Blackfin FPGA EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite'sAids the design and prototype phases of ADSP-BF533, ADSP-BF537, ADSP-BF538F, or ADSP-BF561 processor targeted applications

Blackfin Audio EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite's

_Blackfin Audio EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite'sAids the design and prototype phases of ADSP-BF533, ADSP-BF537, ADSP-BF538For ADSP-BF561processor targeted audio applications.

RKit Lite Software Toolset for 8051

_RKit Lite Software Toolset for 8051Cost-effective C compiler toolset, real-time kernel and simulator for 8051 core based microcontrollers

JTAGjet Cortex-M3

_JTAGjet Cortex-M3JTAGjet-Cortex-M3 is a USB 2.0 based emulator which comes Chameleon Debugger for Cortex-M devices to provide a high-speed, professional grade debugging tool that works with all major ARM

Stellaris® Intelligent Display Module (IDM) with Ethernet

_Stellaris® Intelligent Display Module (IDM) with EthernetNot Recommended For New Designs The compact Stellaris® Intelligent Display Module (MDL-IDM) offers a complete graphical touch-screen user interface solution for contr