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Articles & Papers

Accelerating Code Development to Meet the Challenge of IoT Embedded Design

Now that more and more engineers are developing the embedded code that control Internet of Things (IoT) products, teams are under increased pressure to create better software in less time-- driven by the more frequent release cycles, higher costs and shorter delivery dates associated with the fiercely competitive global IoT market.

Verifiable Security for the Embedded Internet of Things

The IoT is dragging embedded developers into the network security debate. Interconnectivity threatens user data and dependable solutions that minimize the risk to companies and their customers are now a requirement. As embedded devices become increasingly networked, there is a growing risk that poor software quality could affect the quality of the final product and the security of customers’ data.

The Growing Need to Protect Your Code and Your Organization

It is common for burrowing animals—moles, gophers, etc.—to build a second, secret tunnel to escape predators. We humans behave similarly, building secondary portals not only as a means of escape, but also as an entryway into our constructs—whether that takes the form of a door to the back porch or a backdoor embedded in code creating a point of access that could circumvent existing access controls.

Simple Steps to Improving Software Quality

Experience shows us that there are certain attributes of the software development cycle that we must not only live with, but strive to improve. We may not like it, but we must embrace these realities. Some immutable facts of software development life are: code footprints inevitably grow as time goes on, software will always have defects, and the further a project progresses, the more costly it is to find defects and bugs.

Should you buy an embedded module or build your own integrated design?

New product features, certification, increased performance and quicker design cycles are pressuring device manufacturers to reduce costs and still meet time-to-market requirements. Considerations like balancing increased performance and demands for lower design, manufacturing costs, freeing up engineering resources, or selecting the right OS and BSPs complicate the decision-making process. Sign up now for an innovative webinar using an on-line tool that calculates when and if you should buy or build.

Why Use a Real-Time Operating System in MCU Applications

Are you adding more features to each new generation of your microcontroller application? And are internet connectivity and touchscreen UIs becoming mandatory? If so then it’s time to switch to a real-time operating system (RTOS).


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

XDS100v2 USB JTAG Emulator (14-pin TI connector)

_XDS100v2 USB JTAG Emulator (14-pin TI connector)The XDS100 JTAG scan-based emulator is a robust and efficient JTAG emulation controller supporting debug of a variety of TI devices.


_BeagleBoneBeagleBone is a low-cost credit-card-sized Linux computer that connects with the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu.

DEMO9S08DZ60: S08D Family Demonstration board

_DEMO9S08DZ60: S08D Family Demonstration boardThe DEMO9S08DZ60 is a demonstration board for the MC9S08DZ60 microcontroller. Application development is quick and easy with the integrated USB-BDM, sample software tools, and examples. An optional BD

Motor Control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing

_Motor Control Starter Kit with mTouch SensingThe motor control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing is a complete hardware and software tool suite for evaluating Microchips ultra-low cost Motor Control Family dsPIC DSCs. It contains a single board wi

AM335x Starter Kit

_AM335x Starter KitThe core of the STKA335 starter kit is the TQMa335-AC module with the TI AM3359 CPU. The starter kit enables you to start development immediately while evaluating the TQ module at the same time.

MSP430 8-Pin Socket Target Board

_MSP430 8-Pin Socket Target Board The MSP-TS430D8 is a standalone ZIF socket target board used to program and debug the MSP430 in-system through the JTAG interface or the Spy Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) protocol. The development board

Infrared (IR) BoosterPack Plug-in Module

_Infrared (IR) BoosterPack Plug-in Module The BOOST-IR BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module can be plugged into a LaunchPad™ Development Kit for simple integration of Infrared (IR) transceiver functionality.

Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad

_Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPadThe Tiva™ C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad Evaluation Board is a low-cost evaluation platform for ARM® Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers. The Connected LaunchPad design highlights the TM

KickStart Kit for AT91SAM7S + J-Link Debug Probe

_KickStart Kit for AT91SAM7S + J-Link  Debug ProbeIAR KickStart Kit for AT91SAM7S contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications:AT91SAM7S development board from Atmel IAR visu

i.MX35 Minimodule

_i.MX35 MinimoduleThe TQMa35 Minimodule, based on the Freescale i.MX35 processor, offers a balanced ratio between computing and graphic performance. All the processor’s functional pins are on the module plug-in connect

MCB2388 Evaluation Board + ULINK-ME JTAG Adapter

_MCB2388 Evaluation Board + ULINK-ME JTAG AdapterThe Keil MCB2388 Evaluation Board introduces you to the NXP (founded by Philips) LPC2388 ARM family and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture.Two serial interfa

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

_PICkit 1 Flash Starter KitThe PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit is a low-cost development kit with an easy-to-use interface for programming Microchip’s 8-/14-pin Flash family of microcontrollers.

Development System for the ColdFire MCF52223

_Development System for the ColdFire MCF52223The M52233DEMO development system provides a fully functional low cost vehicle for embarking on a high-performance embedded design of the MCF5223x Family of ColdFire microprocessors. The integrated BD

C8051F380DK Development Kit

_C8051F380DK Development KitThe C8051F380DK Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051F380, F381, F382, F383, F384, F385, F386 and F387 MCUs.

IMX53QSB: HW only i.MX53 Quick Start Board

_IMX53QSB: HW only i.MX53 Quick Start Boardthe i.MX53 Quick Start board is a $149 open source development platform. Integrated with an ARM® CortexTM-A8 1 GHz processor, the Quick Start board includes a display controller, hardware-accelera

Universal Programming Module for ICD 2

_Universal Programming Module for ICD 2AC162049 Universal Programming Module (UPM) is a handy, low-cost board that supports the programming of devices using the MPLAB ICD 2 in-circuit debugger. The UPM can also be used with the MPL

Dual Motor Control and PFC Developer's Kit

_Dual Motor Control and PFC Developer's KitThe Piccolo F28035 based Dual Motor Control and PFC Developers kit from Texas Instruments leverages the real-time control capabilities of Piccolo, along with TIs industry leading analog, to bring fiel

I2C Demonstration Board 2005-1 Kit

_I2C Demonstration Board 2005-1 KitThis demonstration board is an I2C-based system that allows field application engineers, designers, and educators to use their PCs to easily test, demonstrate, and experiment with I2C interface device

QorIQ P1 MPU Module

_QorIQ P1 MPU ModuleThe TWR-P1025 module is part of the Freescale Tower System portfolio, but can also be operated as a stand-alone single board computer (SBC) development platform.

CA51 Compiler Kit

_CA51 Compiler KitThe CA51 Compiler Kit for the 8051 microcontroller family supports all 8051 derivatives including classic devices and IP cores

Lite Development Kit for the i.MX31

_Lite Development Kit for the i.MX31This kit provides a product-ready software and hardware platform for OEMs, ODMs, IDHs and independent developers and enables rapid design of embedded products targeting the medical, industrial, wirele


_ATA6834-DKHigh-Temperature BLDC Motor Control Kit: Power board with an Atmel ATA6834 and external  MOSFETs, a controller board with an ATmega32M1, a BLDC motor, user interface display, and  touch s


_SAM9M10-G45-EKThis kit lets designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on the Atmel SAM9M10 or the Atmel SAM9G45.

PIC32 Starter Board PIM Adapter

_PIC32 Starter Board PIM AdapterThis adapter is designed to enable the PIC32 Starter Board to work with the Explorer 16 Development Board so users can customize functionality using PICtail Plus daughter cards or eliminate the need f