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Articles & Papers

A Tale of Two Layerscapes

There are really two layerscapes- one is a software-based program and the other is an applications processor. One layerscape requires high-speed networking and communications technology to perform, and the other was designed to provide high-speed networking and communications for similar data-intensive applications.

Accelerating Code Development to Meet the Challenge of IoT Embedded Design

Now that more and more engineers are developing the embedded code that control Internet of Things (IoT) products, teams are under increased pressure to create better software in less time-- driven by the more frequent release cycles, higher costs and shorter delivery dates associated with the fiercely competitive global IoT market.

Software Security: Essential for Today's Connected Cars

Today's dream car will have hundreds of onboard sensors, more than fifty separate electronic control units (ECUs), about 100 million lines of code and, now, internet connectivity. All of this complexity is designed to not only optimize the performance of the engine, transmission, brakes, and steering, but also to enhance convenience and comfort. The flip side to this added functionality, however, is that connectivity opens the vehicle to new security concerns.

Designing with the Things in the Internet of Things

Reports predict that the resurgence of microcontroller sales in the coming years will be with MCUs that will potentially connect within the Internet of Things (IoT) and that the field is split between 8-bit and 32-bit devices. Wearables or smart homes might only require 8-bit MCUs, but once a gateway enters the picture, the application is sure to fall into the 32-bit MCU space.

The GaN Power Revolution is Here

Over the past five years, GaN power FETs have shown to have an undisputed technical advantage over silicon. Starting with a fundamental materials’ limit advantage that is three orders of magnitude better than silicon, it was possible to construct initial devices that already had better electrical characteristics than the state-of –the-art silicon; GaN also showed much lower parasitic device capacitance values for the same device on-resistance.

Verifiable Security for the Embedded Internet of Things

The IoT is dragging embedded developers into the network security debate. Interconnectivity threatens user data and dependable solutions that minimize the risk to companies and their customers are now a requirement. As embedded devices become increasingly networked, there is a growing risk that poor software quality could affect the quality of the final product and the security of customers’ data.

32-bit MCUs Penetrate IoT Ecosystem

The 32-bit MCU has a key function in the IoT pyramid: It provides the data throughput, reading sensors and sending real-time sensor data over an IP-based network. The 32-bit architecture allows designers to put low-power connectivity next to it and communicate directly to the Wi-Fi access point or GSM modem. 

Debugging Interrupts and Exceptions in ARM Cortex-M

Any Cortex-M developer has likely struggled with getting interrupts to work and then debug them. Interrupts and exceptions are by definition asynchronous to the execution flow of your application software and it can be very difficult to visualize interrupt behavior, and debug the same. The author describes new techniques for analyzing interrupt behavior in a running system.


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

C8051F50x-1x Development Kit

_C8051F50x-1x Development KitDevelopment Kit for C8051F500, F501, F502, F503, F504, F505, F506, F507, F508, F509, F510 and F511 automotive and industrial microcontrollers

Development System for the ColdFire MCF52223

_Development System for the ColdFire MCF52223The M52233DEMO development system provides a fully functional low cost vehicle for embarking on a high-performance embedded design of the MCF5223x Family of ColdFire microprocessors. The integrated BD

Stellaris® LM4F211 Control Card Module for 3-Phase Brushless DC Motors

_Stellaris® LM4F211 Control Card Module for 3-Phase Brushless DC MotorsThe MDL-LM4F211CNCD is a Texas Instruments´ (TI) motor controlCARD module designed to operate with TI’s DRV83xx baseboards.

High Performance (HP) USB-Based Emulator

_High Performance (HP) USB-Based EmulatorProvides an easy, portable, non-intrusive, target-based debugging solution for Analog Devices JTAG processors and DSPs.

Easy Kit XC167CI V3

_Easy Kit XC167CI V3Includings : - Easy Kit Version 3 - Getting Started, first 3 Steps to setup your Hardware, install the Tools and Debug the first Program, - Technical Documentatio

CY3210-MINIPROG1 Evaluation Kit

_CY3210-MINIPROG1 Evaluation KitThe CY3210-MiniProg1 is an inexpensive evaluation kit that allows you toprogram PSoC(R) devices using the MiniProg programming unit. A MiniEvalPCB is also included in the kit for your use.

SuperPro 500P Programmer

_SuperPro 500P ProgrammerFastest Cheapest Programmer: With ARM7 MCU it gives ultra-fast programming experience. Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V. Built-in 48 universal pin drivers. CE and ROHS Compliant

LPC1300 Evaluation Board by Keil

_LPC1300 Evaluation Board by KeilThe Keil MCB1000 Evaluation Board introduces the LPC1300 family of ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based devices, allowing you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. The MCB1000 h

Stellaris® 3.5-inch Landscape Intelligent Display Module RDK

_Stellaris® 3.5-inch Landscape Intelligent Display Module RDKNot Recommended For New Designs The Luminary Micro Stellaris® 3.5-inch Landscape Intelligent Display ReferenceDesign Kit (RDK-IDM-L35) offers a complete, open-tool gr

CC2540 Development Kit

_CC2540 Development Kit The CC2540 development kit provides a complete hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment for single-mode Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) applications.

GoFast® Floating Point Library

_GoFast® Floating Point LibraryGoFast is a family of fast, IEEE 754 floating point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are fast because they are written in assembly language and specifically optimize

MCB2470 Evaluation Board

_MCB2470 Evaluation BoardThe Keil MCB2460 Evaluation Board introduces you to the NXP (founded by Philips) LPC2470 ARM family and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture.

Tag-Connect 10-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Cable with ribbon connector for generic JTAG use.

_Tag-Connect 10-pin Plug-of-Nails™ Cable with ribbon connector for generic JTAG use.Tag-Connect’s TC2050-IDC Plug-of-Nails™ Cable is a 10-conductor cable fitted with a spring-pin Tag-Connector that conveniently plugs directly into your PCB and terminates in a 0.1&rdquo

EK-LM3S9D90 Ethernet+OTG with Code Composer Studio Tools

_EK-LM3S9D90 Ethernet+OTG with Code Composer Studio ToolsNot Recommended For New Designs This Kit provides a low-cost evaluation platform for the LM3S9D90 ARM® Cortex™-M3-based microcontroller. The kit includes two bo

LPC1500 Evaluation Board

_LPC1500 Evaluation BoardThis Evaluation Board enables you to create and test working programs based on the LPC1500 family of ARM Cortex™-M3 based devices. The board is ready to run, straight out of the box and includes

ICD-S40 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

_ICD-S40 In-Circuit Debugger/ProgrammerICD-S40 is a complete In-Circuit Debugging and In-Circuit Programming solution for Microchip´s PIC® MCUs. It connects to your PC via a Serial Com (RS-232) port.

smx® Real Time Kernel for ColdFire

_smx® Real Time Kernel for ColdFireThe Benefits of smxCF, the version of smx designed for the Coldfire processor family, include: Reduced development schedule and cost

uC/USB Device

_uC/USB DeviceμC/USB Device is a compact, reliable, high-performance stack designed for embedded systems equipped with a USB device controller.

LPC4350 Evaluation Board

_LPC4350 Evaluation BoardThe board contains the LPC 4350 (ARM Cortex-M4 with Cortex-M0)is USB-powered, but can also be driven by external power supply or via power-over-Ethernet. It is equipped with 65MB SDRAM, 32MB parallel

Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7203

_Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7203The Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7203 has been developed speed up codedevelopment and reduce time to market. An Renesas Starter Kit+, as the namesuggests, is a complete development kit for Renesas

smxFS™ Portable File System

_smxFS™ Portable File SystemsmxFS offers a clean, modular design that enables embedded developers to easily add file I/O to their projects. smxFS supports both removable media such as USB thumb drives and Com

Evaluation Board for LPC213x

_Evaluation Board for LPC213xOM10045 Evaluation Board introduces you to the NXP LPC2100 family of ARM processors and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. Two CAN and two serial interfaces


_uC/GUIGUI Color Basic including the Graphical Library and Color Conversion plus the Fonts module, the Touch/Mouse support, the MultiLayer, the Windows executable simulation library, the Window Manager, the

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

_PICkit 1 Flash Starter KitThe PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit is a low-cost development kit with an easy-to-use interface for programming Microchip’s 8-/14-pin Flash family of microcontrollers.