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Articles & Papers

When should you plan for Power in FPGS System?

It’s important to think about and plan for a power system at the outset of the design. As FPGAs continue to become increasingly powerful, adequately powering these devices becomes even more critical to unlock their full potential. Lower voltage requirements for FPGAs and processors create additional challenges, especially at higher currents, that require serious attention when designing the power architecture for a new platform.

Software Design Considerations to Minimize Power Consumption on Freescale i.MX

New demands on embedded devices are pushing power capacities to their limits. Power optimizations are often left to the very end of the design cycle, almost as an afterthought. In this session we will explore design considerations that should be made early in the development process. View on-demand Web Seminar

Using ARM Modules for Secure Applications

As communication between devices in the consumer world become more prevalent so does the issue of security. Recently TQ has partnered with two operating systems’ companies to demonstrate how a user of the TQ modules can protect their product from being compromised by hackers.

Is Google a threat to electronic component distributors?

Google is synonymous with search, and due to its overwhelming dominance, nearly everything a search engine optimising professional does is to ensure we comply with best practice, and avoid the penalties. One such best practice is the use of structured markup – using tags to define the context of content – which helps Google (and other search engines) understand products, events, people, etc, which helps them to deliver more relevant search results. But a problem is looming.

Building Blocks for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries across the globe. By connecting billions of devices to the Internet, each other, and the cloud, businesses can save trillions of dollars each year in operating costs. Yet the growth of IoT has not accelerated as quickly as it could due to market fragmentation and a shortage of end-to-end solutions.

SIMPORT MOSFET Simulation Tool

SimPort makes it easy to calculate efficiency, predict real-word performance, simulate a design, and track your findings. NXP's SimPort is a live interactive environment to simulate MOSFET performance and provides analysis beyond that available from a data sheet. The Active Datasheet lets you vary the test conditions and redraw many of the graphs typically provided in a conventional datasheet.

Cracking the Android Code

With its rich application framework, native multimedia capabilities, massive app ecosystem, familiar user interface, and rapid time to market, Android offers exciting new opportunities for developers to create innovative new embedded systems and devices and open up new markets.

Addressing Design Challenges in 32-bit Microcontrollers

This paper outlines the design features that are implemented in MIPS® processor cores that contribute to its industry-leading performance. Additionally, we’ll compare and contrast MCU design solutions based on the MIPS and ARM architectures– the two most popular embedded processor IP architectures.


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

MPC5668G/E Evaluation Kit

_MPC5668G/E Evaluation KitThe 32-bit MPC5668G MCU, built on dual core Power Architecture® technology, connects at one single point all the possible communication protocols you can find in a car.

Motor Control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing

_Motor Control Starter Kit with mTouch SensingThe motor control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing is a complete hardware and software tool suite for evaluating Microchips ultra-low cost Motor Control Family dsPIC DSCs. It contains a single board wi

Starter Kit for M16C/62P

_Starter Kit for M16C/62PThe Renesas Starter Kit for M16C/62P is intended as a user-friendly introductory and evaluation tool for the M16C/62P microcontroller.

Blackfin Audio EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite's

_Blackfin Audio EZ-Extender for the EZ-KIT Lite'sAids the design and prototype phases of ADSP-BF533, ADSP-BF537, ADSP-BF538For ADSP-BF561processor targeted audio applications.

KickStart Kit for LPC11A14

_KickStart Kit for LPC11A14IAR KickStart Kit for LPC11A14 contains all the necessary hardware and software and and allows you to design, integrate and test your applications: LPC11A14-SK evaluation board

Blackhawk 14-Pin to 60-pin (Trace) Adapter

_Blackhawk 14-Pin to 60-pin (Trace) AdapterConverts the standard 2x7 14-pin JTAG connector found on most XDS510 emulators to the 60-pin high-density XDS560 Trace header.


_AT91SAM9RL-EKThis kit lets designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on the Atmel SAM9R64 and SAM9RL64 microcontrollers.

ATAVRMC320 Motor Control Kit for ATmega32M1

_ATAVRMC320 Motor Control Kit for ATmega32M1The ATAVRMC320 kit is a complete hardware system which demonstrates motor control using ATmega32M1 and features CAN and LIN connectivity. It includes the ATAVRMC300 power stage board, the ATAVRMC310 p

LPC2919 Evaluation Board

_LPC2919 Evaluation BoardThis evaluation board hosts the LPC2919 microcontroller from NXP with an embedded ARM968E-S processor core and with an JTAG interface. In addition the driver chips for the external communication inter

C8051F300DK Development Kit

_C8051F300DK Development KitThe C8051F300DK Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051F300, F301, F302, F303, F304 and F305 MCUs.

Three Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Piccolo MCU

_Three Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Piccolo MCUThe DRV8312-C2-KIT is a motor control evaluation kit for spinning three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) and brushless AC (BLAC) - often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) - motors.

LPC2478 Touch Screen LCD Kit

_LPC2478 Touch Screen LCD KitThe DK-57TS-LPC2478 is optimized to save development time in typical embedded control applications.


_JTAGjet-C2000JTAGjet-C20000 is a small, palm-sized In-Circuit Debugger for the TMS320C2000 family of DSPs from Texas Instruments. It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) that runs in the high-speed

Graphics Controller PICtail Plus Epson S1D13517 Board Display

_Graphics Controller PICtail Plus Epson S1D13517 Board DisplayThe AC164127-7 is a part of graphics controller PICtail plus Epson S1D13517 board display which is used in video signal control application.

iC3000 ActiveEmulator

_iC3000 ActiveEmulatorThe iC3000 ActiveEmulatorTM is the ultimate tool for high performance micro-controller based embedded applications. It incorporates major innovation in a compact package, covering the widest variet

EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR - Blackfin Development Board

_EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR - Blackfin Development BoardThe EXT-BF5xx-EXP-TR Board is an extender board that can be plugged on all Blackfin based Development and Evaluation Boards. All connector pins of the expansion connector are available as solderable p

emUSB (Embedded USB Stack)

_emUSB (Embedded USB Stack)emUSB Host/Device Stack has been designed to work on any embedded system with a USB controller. Ports for most common USB controllers are available. It can be used with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0.

TWR-MPC5125-KIT: Low Cost development kit for the MPC5125

_TWR-MPC5125-KIT: Low Cost development kit for the MPC5125The TWR-MPC5125 MPU module is part of the Freescale Tower System, a modular development platform that enables rapid prototyping and tool re-use through reconfigureable hardware.  The TWR-MPC5125

MC56F8006 Digital Signal Controller Demonstration Board with USB Tap

_MC56F8006 Digital Signal Controller Demonstration Board with USB TapMC56F8006DEMO is a cost-effective board targeting quick digital signal controller (DSC) evaluation, demonstration and debugging of the Freescale MC56F8006VLF digital signal controller. The board is eq

KickStart Kit for NXP LPC1114

_KickStart Kit for NXP LPC1114IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114 contains the necessary hardware and software andallows you to design, develop, integrate and test your NXP LPC11XX applications.

LPC2939 Evaluation Board

_LPC2939 Evaluation BoardThis evaluation board hosts the LPC2939 microcontroller from NXP with an embedded ARM968E-S processor core and with an JTAG interface. In addition the driver chips for the external communication inter

µC/TCP-IP: The Embedded Protocol Stack for the Renesas SH7216

_µC/TCP-IP: The Embedded Protocol Stack for the Renesas SH7216This two-part book puts the spotlight on how a TCP/IP stack works using Micriμm´s μC/TCP-IP as a reference. Part I includes an overview of the basics of the Internet Protocol and walks

Dev Emulator Base Unit H8S/2214 +USB I/F

_Dev Emulator Base Unit H8S/2214 +USB I/FThe E6000 for H8S/2214 incorporates the debugging and emulation features of a full in-circuit emulator at an affordable price plus a 256B x 8 block bus monitor function.

MCB2388 Evaluation Board + ULINK-ME JTAG Adapter

_MCB2388 Evaluation Board + ULINK-ME JTAG AdapterThe Keil MCB2388 Evaluation Board introduces you to the NXP (founded by Philips) LPC2388 ARM family and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture.Two serial interfa