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Articles & Papers

When should you plan for Power in FPGS System?

It’s important to think about and plan for a power system at the outset of the design. As FPGAs continue to become increasingly powerful, adequately powering these devices becomes even more critical to unlock their full potential. Lower voltage requirements for FPGAs and processors create additional challenges, especially at higher currents, that require serious attention when designing the power architecture for a new platform.

Software Design Considerations to Minimize Power Consumption on Freescale i.MX

New demands on embedded devices are pushing power capacities to their limits. Power optimizations are often left to the very end of the design cycle, almost as an afterthought. In this session we will explore design considerations that should be made early in the development process. View on-demand Web Seminar

Using ARM Modules for Secure Applications

As communication between devices in the consumer world become more prevalent so does the issue of security. Recently TQ has partnered with two operating systems’ companies to demonstrate how a user of the TQ modules can protect their product from being compromised by hackers.

Is Google a threat to electronic component distributors?

Google is synonymous with search, and due to its overwhelming dominance, nearly everything a search engine optimising professional does is to ensure we comply with best practice, and avoid the penalties. One such best practice is the use of structured markup – using tags to define the context of content – which helps Google (and other search engines) understand products, events, people, etc, which helps them to deliver more relevant search results. But a problem is looming.

Building Blocks for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries across the globe. By connecting billions of devices to the Internet, each other, and the cloud, businesses can save trillions of dollars each year in operating costs. Yet the growth of IoT has not accelerated as quickly as it could due to market fragmentation and a shortage of end-to-end solutions.

SIMPORT MOSFET Simulation Tool

SimPort makes it easy to calculate efficiency, predict real-word performance, simulate a design, and track your findings. NXP's SimPort is a live interactive environment to simulate MOSFET performance and provides analysis beyond that available from a data sheet. The Active Datasheet lets you vary the test conditions and redraw many of the graphs typically provided in a conventional datasheet.

Cracking the Android Code

With its rich application framework, native multimedia capabilities, massive app ecosystem, familiar user interface, and rapid time to market, Android offers exciting new opportunities for developers to create innovative new embedded systems and devices and open up new markets.

Addressing Design Challenges in 32-bit Microcontrollers

This paper outlines the design features that are implemented in MIPS® processor cores that contribute to its industry-leading performance. Additionally, we’ll compare and contrast MCU design solutions based on the MIPS and ARM architectures– the two most popular embedded processor IP architectures.


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

AT89ISP cable

_AT89ISP cableThis in-system programmer cable communicates serially with Atmel´s AT89S/AT89LP  microcontrollers and reprograms them in the circuit without removal.

LCD Explorer Development Board

_LCD Explorer Development BoardThe LCD Explorer provides an ideal platform for a customer to evaluate a MCU with a x8 Common LCD Driver on a 38 segment x 8 common LCD display. PICtail Plus connections allow a customer to evaluate t

Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit with Code Red Technologies Red Suite

_Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit with Code Red Technologies Red Suite Not Recommended For New Designs Features Code Red Technologies Red Suite (90-day limited) Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kits provide a compa

C2000 Renewable Energy Developer's Kit

_C2000 Renewable Energy Developer's KitThe C2000 Renewable Energy Developer´s Kit is a scaled down version of digitally controlled DC/AC inverter. With a maximum power output of 45 watts, the EVM board is capable of syncing to an ext

Marvell Disco Duo Development Platform

_Marvell Disco Duo Development PlatformThe KIT1725E-DiscoDuo, designed, developed and manufactured by Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., is a Flex-ATX form factor development kit based on a high performance, network oriented, Marvell Dual Core

PICkit 3 Debug Express

_PICkit 3 Debug ExpressMicrochip’s PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer uses in-circuit debugging logic incorporated into each chip with Flash memory to provide a low-cost hardware debugger and programmer.

Optional LCD Board for LSuperH Linux Platform

_Optional LCD Board for LSuperH Linux PlatformThis item is the optional LCD Board that works with the Multimedia Applications Processor Reference Platform R0P7724LC0021RL.See link on the left under ´Works with´

LPCXpresso Board for LPC1104

_LPCXpresso Board for LPC1104The LPCXpresso Board for LPC1104 is comprised of an LPCXpresso target board, LPC-Link, and IDE with an integrated JTAG debugger

Development Kit, MitySOM-1808

_Development Kit, MitySOM-1808The MitySOM-1808 features the Sitara AM1808 ARM based CPU from Texas Instruments.

Canyonlands EV-460EX Evaluation Kit

_Canyonlands EV-460EX Evaluation KitPowerPC 460EX Evaluation Kit Enables comprehensive evaluation of the AMCC 460EX processor, while accelerating customers´ hardware and software development time.

BeagleBone Black

_BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black is a community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists. Boot Linux in under 10 seconds and get started on development in less than 5 minutes with just a single USB

Embedded Modem Development Kit

_Embedded Modem Development KitThe Embedded Modem Development Kit provides all of the hardware and software to create an embedded modem solution.

TMDXRM48HDK Hercules Development Kit

_TMDXRM48HDK Hercules Development KitThis Kit features RJ45 10/100 Ethernet, USB-A Host, and USB-B Device Interfaces along with an on board XDS100v2 JTAG emulator. The kit also included a software installation DVD with Code Composer Stud

LPCXpresso Base Board EA

_LPCXpresso Base Board EAThe LPCXpresso base board is ideal when you need to do prototyping work or when you wish to learn more about a certain microcontroller. It works with all the LPCXpresso target boards and with the mbe


_FATFAT is a high-performance, full-featured, FAT12/16/32-based, DOS-compatible file system designed for embedded applications.

JTAGjet-470 Emulator for TMS470

_JTAGjet-470 Emulator for TMS470JTAGjet-470 is an USB 2.0 based emulator which comes with Chameleon Debugger for TI TMS470 (ARM7) devices to provide a high-speed, professional grade debugging tool that works with all major ARM compi

CP2401DK Development Kit

_CP2401DK Development KitDevelopment Kit for CP2401 CP2403 LCD Drivers with I2C Interface

Evaluation Kit for R32C/118 Microcontrollers

_Evaluation Kit for R32C/118 MicrocontrollersThis Starter Kit for R32C/118 is intended as a user-friendly introductory and evaluation tool for the R32C/111 microcontroller.

Starter Kit for H8SX/1622

_Starter Kit for H8SX/1622The Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1622 is intended as a user-friendly introductory and evaluation tool for the H8SX/1622 microcontroller. The board also provides a useful platform for evaluating the Re

Robotics Development Kit

_Robotics Development KitThe Robotics Development Kit offers an introduction into the world of robots for both beginners and advanced robot enthusiasts. The development kit includes the powerful PCW Integrated Development Env


_PEEDI - JTAG/BDM EmulatorPEEDI -  high speed JTAG/BDM Emulator is is an EmbeddedICE solution that enables you to debug software running on ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XSCALE,

Plug-in-Module Use with Explorer 16

_Plug-in-Module Use with Explorer 16The MA330029 is a part of dsPIC33F GP 28P QFN to 100P Plug-in-Module. The dsPIC33FJ16MC102 and PIC24FJ16MC102 plug-in modules (PIMs).The MA330029 are designed to demonstrate the capabilities o

Zoom™ SDK for Marvell PXA270

_Zoom™ SDK for Marvell PXA270By providing a product-ready hardware and software platform, Logic PD´s embedded solutions fast forward development and help you stay focused on your high-value core technologies. The Zoom Start

smx® Real Time Kernel for ColdFire

_smx® Real Time Kernel for ColdFireThe Benefits of smxCF, the version of smx designed for the Coldfire processor family, include: Reduced development schedule and cost