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Articles & Papers

Seamless and Secure Connectivity with NXP USB Type-C

NXP’s USB Type-C gives designers flexibility, simplicity, and security, supporting USB 3.1 at a top speed of up to 10 Gbps, and offering faster data transfer, video and secure connectivity over a single solution.

Bluetooth Smart

Offering robust RF performance and very low power consumption, Bluetooth Smart is now opening up new opportunities and applications. Here is how it operates, and how it may be used

Implementing USB Type-C Cable Detection and Power Delivery Negotiation

The Type-C interface specification updates USB to meet the needs of 21st century electronics and promises to once again change the way computers, consumer electronics and mobile devices connect and interact with each other

Which Bluetooth Low Energy Solution is Right for You?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the hottest protocol on the market now. In little over five years it has established itself as the de-facto point-to-point wireless standard for a number of low power and small-footprint applications.

Embedded Module Standards Inhibit Designs

There are two predominant architectures in the module market: Intel (x86 and Atom) and ARM, and each have “Standards” defined by different user groups. Standards have their place... 

32-bit MCUs Penetrate IoT Ecosystem

The 32-bit MCU has a key function in the IoT pyramid: It provides the data throughput, reading sensors and sending real-time sensor data over an IP-based network. The 32-bit architecture allows designers to put low-power connectivity next to it and communicate directly to the Wi-Fi access point or GSM modem. 


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

E2 emulator Lite

_E2 emulator Lite The E2 emulator Lite (abbreviated name: E2 Lite) is a new on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer for MCUs of the RX and RL78 families.

MPLAB ICD 2 Header Interface for PIC12F629/675 - PDIP-8

_MPLAB ICD 2 Header Interface for PIC12F629/675 - PDIP-8AC162050 header containing an equivalent device with integrated in-circuit debugging peripheral makes in-circuit debugging possible for 8-pin PIC12F629/675 devices.

RealView® MDK for ARM Basic

_RealView® MDK for ARM BasicThe µVision IDE from Keil combines project management, make facilities, source code editing, program debugging, and complete simulation in one powerful environment. The µVision development

EVALBOT Evaluation Kit with Keil Tools

_EVALBOT Evaluation Kit with Keil ToolsThe Stellaris® LM3S9B92 EVALBOT Robotic Evaluation Board (EVALBOT) supported by StellarisWare® is a robotic evaluation platform for the Stellaris LM3S9B92 microcontroller.

R-IN32M3-EC deployment evaluation kit of small size(TS-R-IN32M3-CEC-E)

_R-IN32M3-EC deployment evaluation kit of small size(TS-R-IN32M3-CEC-E) ·The industrial ethernet communication LSI deployment for EtherCAT ·10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet PHY 2Ch built-in. ·limit an interface and am downsized. 

Rasberry-Pi with 512 MB RAM

_Rasberry-Pi with 512 MB RAMThe Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games.

C8051T620DK Development Kit

_C8051T620DK Development KitDevelopment Kit for C8051T620, T621, T320, T321, T322 and T323 USB microcontrollers

SXC Compiler

_SXC CompilerThe CCS SXC Compiler is designed for easy embedded product development in C. The following Scenix chips are supported with the CCS SXC Compiler: SX20AC/SS, SX28AC/SS, SX28AC/SS-G, SX28/AC/DP-G, SX48BD


_BeagleBoard-xMBeagleBoard-xM delivers extra MIPS with 1-GHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 performance and extra memory with 512MB of low-power DDR RAM, enabling hobbyists, innovators and engineers to go beyond their cu

Embedded Artists' LPC3250 OEM Board

_Embedded Artists' LPC3250 OEM BoardThe OM11045,598 is a 32-Bit ARM9 MCU´S Embedded Artist LPC3250 Evaluation Board includes LCD display. The LPC3250 operates at CPU frequencies of up to 266 MHz. The NXP implementation uses an ARM

STM3210B Starter Kit from Hitex

_STM3210B Starter Kit from HitexHitex STM32 Starter Kit provides complete sets of hardware and software designed to help users discover device features and start application development quickly and easily.

F28M36 Concerto Control Card

_F28M36 Concerto Control CardThe C2000 controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are ideal products for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require easy acc

Blackhawk 20-pin cTI to 60-pin Trace Header

_Blackhawk 20-pin cTI to 60-pin Trace HeaderConverts an emulator´s 20-pin Compact TI (cTI) header to the 60-pin high-density XDS560 Trace header.

Pressure One Sensor board

_Pressure One Sensor board The Atmel Pressure One Sensor Board delivers a platform comprising a high precision Barometric Pressure sensor from Bosch (BMP085).

Supplemental DB48 daughterboard for the LM3S618, and LM3S818 microcontrollers

_Supplemental DB48 daughterboard for the LM3S618, and LM3S818 microcontrollersNot Recommended For New Designs If you have already purchased the Stellaris FamilyDevelopment Kit packaged with a specific daughterboard, you can workwith our full line o

CY3215-DK ICE CUBE In-Circuit Emulation Development Kit

_CY3215-DK ICE CUBE In-Circuit Emulation Development KitThe PSoC Development Kit includes an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) which consists of a base unit, USB 2.0 cable, and power supply. The base unit is connected to the host PC via the USB port. The ICE is dr

Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7216

_Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7216 The Renesas Starter Kit+ for SH7216 has been developed speed up code development and reduce time to market.


_STM8L101-EVALThe STM8 evaluation boards provide complete development platforms for the STM8A, STM8L and STM8S families of 8-bit microcontrollers based on the new STMicroelectronics´ STM8 cor 2 Development Board 2 Development BoardThe™ 2 Development Board (DM163024) is an Internet/Ethernet development board supporting both the popular ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller and the single-chip Ethernet microcontroller fam

PICBASIC PRO Compiler 2.60A

_PICBASIC PRO Compiler 2.60AThe PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler is the easiest way for you to program the fast and powerful Microchip Technology PIC® microcontrollers. PICBASIC PRO converts your BASIC programs into files that c

MCB2370 Evaluation Board

_MCB2370 Evaluation BoardThe Keil MCB2370 Evaluation Board introduces you to the Philips LPC23xx ARM family and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. This board a great starting point

96Boards Mezzanine board with the STM32F446 MCU

_96Boards Mezzanine board with the STM32F446 MCU The 96Boards Mezzanine board with the STM32F446 MCU (B-F446E-96B01A) enables users to prototype systems that are aware of their environment, thanks to the embedded sensors for movement, pressure

P1022/P1013 QorIQ Development System

_P1022/P1013 QorIQ Development SystemThe P1022/P1013 development system leverages Freescale’s highly integrated QorIQ P1022 processor and leading-edge external components.

STM32F411 microcontrollers

_STM32F411 microcontrollersThe STM32F411 microcontrollers are part of the STM32 Dynamic Efficiency™ lines. These devices are the entry level to the High Performance F4 Series and offer the best balance of dynamic power co