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P4080/P4040/P4081 Communications Processor

The QorIQ P4080 processor, the first product offered in the QorIQ P4 platform series, delivers industry leading performance in the under 30-watt power category. It combines eight Power Architecture™ e500mc cores – operating at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz – with high-performance datapath acceleration logic, and network and peripheral bus interfaces. All this designed for 45nm technology to deliver high-performance, next-generation networking services in a very low power envelope.

The QorIQ P4080 processor can be used for combined control, datapath, and application layer processing. Its high level of integration offers significant performance benefits compared to multiple discrete devices, while also greatly simplifying board design. The processor is well-suited for applications that are highly compute-intensive, I/O intensive, or both, making it ideal for applications such as enterprise and service provider routers, switches, base-station controllers radio network controllers (RNCs), longterm evolution (LTE) and general-purpose embedded computing systems in the networking, telecom/datacom, wireless infrastructure, military and aerospace markets.


  • Eight high-performance Power Architecture e500mc cores, each with a 32-KByte Instruction and Data L1 Cache and a private 128-KByte L2 Cache:
    • 3 levels of instructions, User, Supervisor, and Hypervisor
    • Independent boot and reset
    • Secure boot capability
  • 2-MByte shared L3 CoreNet platform cache
  • Hierarchical interconnect fabric:
    • CoreNet fabric supporting coherent and non-coherent transactions with prioritization and bandwidth allocation amongst CoreNet end-points
    • 800 Gbps coherent read bandwidth
    • Queue Manager fabric supporting packet-level queue management and quality of service scheduling
  • Two 64-bit DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM memory controllers with ECC and interleaving support
  • Datapath Acceleration Architecture incorporating acceleration for the following functions:
    • Packet parsing, classification, and distribution
    • Queue management for scheduling, packet sequencing, and congestion management
    • Hardware Buffer Management for buffer allocation and de-allocation
    • Encryption (SEC 4.0)
    • RegEx Pattern Matching (PME 2.0)
  • Ethernet interfaces:
    • Two 10 GBps Ethernet (XAUI) controllers
    • Eight 1 GBps Ethernet (SGMII) controllers
  • High-speed peripheral interfaces:
    • Three PCI Express v2.0 controllers/ports running at up to 5GHz
    • Two serial RapidIO® 1.2 controllers/ports running at up to 3.125GHz
  • Additional peripheral interfaces:
    • Two USB controllers with ULPI interface to external PHY
    • SD/MMC
    • SPI controller
    • Four I2C controllers
    • Two dual UARTs (DUART)
    • Enhanced local bus controller (eLBC)
  • Multicore programmable interrupt controller (PIC)
  • Two 4-channel DMA engines


QorIQ P4080

Quickstart Guide

QorIQ P4080

Development Kits etc.

Provider Tool name Order Number
Freescale Semiconductor P4080 Development System P4080DS

IDEs (Compilers etc.)

Provider Tool name Order Number
CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ for Power EABI SGPP_PPC_EABI_s10
CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ for Power GNU/Linux SGPP_PPC_LNX_s10

Debuggers / Simulators

Provider Tool name Order Number
Freescale Semiconductor Cyclone Max In-circuit Programmer & Debugger CYCLONEMAX

JTAG Probes

Provider Tool name Order Number
Abatron AG High-speed BDM/JTAG Interface for GNU Debugger BDI3000/A & bdiGDB Firmware

Operating Systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
CMX Systems CMX-RTX, preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS CMX-RTX
Micro Digital Inc. smx® Real Time Kernel for PowerPC smxPPC
Micro Digital Inc. SMX.Blaze™ blaze

Stacks/Protocols/File systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
Micro Digital Inc. smxNS™ TCP/IP Stack smxNS
Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBD™ USB Device Stack smxUSBD
Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBO™ USB OTG Stack smxUSBO
Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBH™ USB Host Stack smxUSBH
Micro Digital Inc. smxFFS™ Flash File System smxFFS
Micro Digital Inc. smxFS™ Portable File System smxFS
CMX Systems CMX TCP/IP is a full-featured and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-TCP/IP
CMX Systems CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-MicroNet
SEGGER Microcontroller emWin (Graphics Software and GUI) 3.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emUSB (Embedded USB Stack) 9.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emFile (Embedded File System) 2.xx.xx
HCC Embedded MISRA Compliant TCP/IPv4 & IPv6 TCPIP
HCC Embedded Fail-safe File Systems FFS
HCC Embedded Smart-meter File System SMFS
HCC Embedded Verifiable SSL/TLS SSLTLS
HCC Embedded eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler ETASKSYNC
HCC Embedded Fail-safe Flash Translation Layer FTL
HCC Embedded USB Device, Host and OTG EUSB
HCC Embedded Fail-safe Bootloader BL
Micro Digital Inc. smxWiFi™ WiFi Stack smxWiFi

Software Design

Provider Tool name Order Number
IAR Systems IAR visualSTATE VS

Other Software Tools

Provider Tool name Order Number
Micro Digital Inc. GoFast® Floating Point Library GoFast
Micro Digital Inc. Prism GUI Products smxPrism
Micro Digital Inc. PEG GUI Products smxPEG