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PIC18 MCU » PIC18F46K22

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High-Performance RISC CPU:
• C Compiler Optimized Architecture:
 - Optional extended instruction set designed to optimize re-entrant code
• Up to 1024 Bytes Data EEPROM
• Up to 64 Kbytes Linear Program Memory Addressing
• Up to 3896 Bytes Linear Data Memory Addressing
• Up to 16 MIPS Operation
• 16-bit Wide Instructions, 8-bit Wide Data Path
• Priority Levels for Interrupts
• 31-Level, Software Accessible Hardware Stack
• 8 x 8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier

Flexible Oscillator Structure:
• Precision 16 MHz Internal Oscillator Block:
 - Factory calibrated to ± 1%
 - Selectable frequencies, 31 kHz to 16 MHz
 - 64 MHz performance available using PLL – no external components required
• Four Crystal modes up to 64 MHz
• Two External Clock modes up to 64 MHz
• 4X Phase Lock Loop (PLL)
• Secondary Oscillator using Timer1 @ 32 kHz
• Fail-Safe Clock Monitor:
 - Allows for safe shutdown if peripheral clock stops
 - Two-Speed Oscillator Start-up

Analog Features:
• Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) module:
 - 10-bit resolution, up to 30 external channels
 - Auto-acquisition capability
 - Conversion available during Sleep
 - Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) channel
 - Independent input multiplexing
• Analog Comparator module:
 - Two rail-to-rail analog comparators
 - Independent input multiplexing
• Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) module:
 - Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) with 1.024V, 2.048V and 4.096V output levels
 - 5-bit rail-to-rail resistive DAC with positive and negative reference selection
• Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) module:
 - Supports capacitive touch sensing for touch screens and capacitive switches

Extreme Low-Power Management with nanoWatt XLP:
• Sleep mode: 20 nA, typical
• Watchdog Timer: 300 nA, typical
• Timer1 Oscillator: 800 nA @ 32 kHz
• Peripheral Module Disable Special Microcontroller Features:
• Full 5.5V Operation – PIC18FXXK22 devices
• 1.8V to 3.6V Operation – PIC18LFXXK22 devices
• Self-Programmable under Software Control
• High/Low-Voltage Detection (HLVD) module:
 - Programmable 16-Level
 - Interrupt on High/Low-Voltage Detection
• Programmable Brown-out Reset (BOR):
 - With software enable option
 - Configurable shutdown in Sleep
• Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT):
 - Programmable period from 4 ms to 131s
• In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™):
 - Single-Supply 3V
• In-Circuit Debug (ICD)

Peripheral Highlights:
• Up to 35 I/O Pins plus 1 Input-Only Pin:
 - High-Current Sink/Source 25 mA/25 mA
 - Three programmable external interrupts
 - Four programmable interrupt-on-change
 - Nine programmable weak pull-ups
 - Programmable slew rate
• SR Latch:
 - Multiple Set/Reset input options
• Two Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) modules
• Three Enhanced CCP (ECCP) modules:
 - One, two or four PWM outputs
 - Selectable polarity
 - Programmable dead time
 - Auto-Shutdown and Auto-Restart
 - PWM steering
• Two Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP)
 - 3-wire SPI (supports all 4 modes)
 - I2C™ Master and Slave modes with address mask

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Development Kits etc.

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Microchip Technology LCD Explorer Development Board DM240314
Microchip Technology RN4020 Bluetooth Low Energy PICtail/PICtail Plus rn-4020-pictail
Microchip Technology PICDEM 2 Plus DM163022
Microchip Technology PICDEM 4 Demonstration Board DM163014
Microchip Technology PIC18 Explorer Board DM183032
Microchip Technology Low Power Solutions Demonstration Board DM163026
Microchip Technology PIC18 Development Kit DV164136
Microchip Technology PICDEM MC LV Development Board DM183021
Microchip Technology PICDEM CAN-LIN 2 Demonstration Board DM163011
Microchip Technology PICDEM CAN-LIN 3 Demonstration Board_duplicate DM163015
Microchip Technology MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC18F MCU DM180021
Microchip Technology enhanced mTouch Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit DM183026-2
Microchip Technology SchmartBoard 8 Bit PIC Development Board TSB8BITDB
Microchip Technology XLP 8-BIT Development Board DM240313

Debuggers / Simulators

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Microchip Technology PICkit 3 Debug Express DV164131
Microchip Technology PICkit 2 Development Programmer/Debugger PG164120
Microchip Technology MPLAB ICD 2 Module ICD Interface USB and RS-232 Serial Cable DV164007

JTAG Probes

Provider Tool name Order Number
MIPS Technologies, Inc. MIPS System Navigator™ Probe SNAV-MIPS
Microchip Technology PICkit™ 3 In-Circuit Debugger PG164130

Operating Systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS (Real Time Operating System) 1.xx.xx

Stacks/Protocols/File systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
SEGGER Microcontroller emWin (Graphics Software and GUI) 3.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emUSB (Embedded USB Stack) 9.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emFile (Embedded File System) 2.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack) 7.xx.xx
HCC Embedded MISRA Compliant TCP/IPv4 & IPv6 TCPIP
HCC Embedded Fail-safe File Systems FFS
HCC Embedded Smart-meter File System SMFS
HCC Embedded Verifiable SSL/TLS SSLTLS
HCC Embedded eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler ETASKSYNC
HCC Embedded Fail-safe Flash Translation Layer FTL
HCC Embedded USB Device, Host and OTG EUSB
HCC Embedded Fail-safe Bootloader BL


Provider Tool name Order Number
Microchip Technology MPLAB PM3 Universal Device Programmer for PIC® and dsPIC®... DV007004
Microchip Technology PICSTART® Plus low cost development programmer DV003001

Wireless Accessories

Provider Tool name Order Number
Microchip Technology LCD Explorer Development Board DM240314