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STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCUs » STM32F303C8

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STM32F303C8 Available Directly From Manufacturer QUOTE


  • Core: ARM®-32-bit-Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU (72 MHz max), single-cycle multiplication and HW division, and DSP instruction
  • Memories
      – Up to 64 KB of Flash memory
      – 12 KB of SRAM with HW parity check
      – Routine booster: 4 KB of SRAM on instruction and data bus with HW parity check (CCM)
  • CRC calculation unit
  • Reset and supply management
      – VDD, VDDA voltage range: 2.0 to 3.6 V
      – Power-on/Power-down reset (POR/PDR)
      – Programmable voltage detector (PVD)
      – Low-power modes: Sleep, Stop, Standby
      – VBAT supply for RTC and backup registers
  • Clock management
      – 4 to 32 MHz crystal oscillator
      – 32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
      – Internal 8 MHz RC (up to 64 MHz with PLL option)
      – Internal 40 kHz oscillator
  • Up to 51 fast I/O ports, all mappable on external interrupt vectors, several 5 V-tolerant
  • 7-channel DMA controller
  • Temperature sensor
  • Up to three 12-bit DAC channels with analog supply from 2.4 V to 3.6 V
  • Three ultra-fast rail-to-rail analog comparators with analog supply from 2 V to 3.6 V
  • One operational amplifiers that can be used in PGA mode, all terminals accessible with analog supply from 2.4 to 3.6 V
  • Up to 18 capacitive sensing channels supporting touchkeys, linear and rotary touch sensors
  • Up to 11 timers
      – One 32-bit timer and one 16-bit timer with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter and quadrature (incremental) encoder input
      – One 16-bit 6-channel advanced-control timer, with up to 6 PWM channels, deadtime generation and emergency stop
      – One 16-bit timer with 2 IC/OCs, 1 OCN/PWM, deadtime generation, emergency stop
      – Two 16-bit timers with IC/OC/OCN/PWM, deadtime generation and emergency stop
      – Two watchdog timers (independent, window)
      – SysTick timer: 24-bit downcounter
      – Up to two 16-bit basic timers to drive the DAC
  • Calendar RTC with alarm, periodic wakeup from Stop/Standby
  • Communication interfaces
      – CAN interface (2.0 B Active)
      – One I2C with 20 mA current sink to support Fast mode plus, SMBus/PMBus
      – Up to 3 USARTs, one with ISO/IEC 7816 interface, LIN, IrDA, modem control
      – One SPI
  • Debug mode: serial wire debug (SWD), JTAG
  • 96-bit unique ID
  • All packages ECOPACK®2
  • Data Sheet


    Development Kits etc.

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    Atmel Ethernet 1 Xplained Pro ATETHERNET1-XPRO
    STMicroelectronics Evaluation Board with STM32F446ZE MCU STM32446E-EVAL
    STMicroelectronics IAR Experiment! Kits for STM32 MCUs STM32-EXPERIMENT
    STMicroelectronics Evaluation Board with STM32F072VB MCU STM32072B-EVAL
    STMicroelectronics Evaluation board with STM32F091VC MCU STM32091C-EVAL

    IDEs (Compilers etc.)

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    Atollic Inc. TrueSTUDIO® for ARM® TS-ARM-PRO-WIN-STD-SUP
    Keil RealView® MDK for ARM MDK-ARM
    Keil RealView® MDK for ARM Basic MDK-ARM-B
    IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM EWARM
    Keil ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Application Edition Node... DS5AE-KT-30000
    Keil ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Application Edition... DS5AE-KT-40000
    Keil ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Linux Edition Node Locked... DS5LE-KT-30000
    IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for ARM - Baseline EWARM-BL
    Keil RealView Development Suite 4.1 Windows Node Locked License RS410-KT-30000
    Keil RealView 4.1 Professional Development Suite Windows... RS41P-KT-40000
    CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ for ARM EABI SGPP_ARM_EABI_s10
    CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ for ARM uClinux SGPP_ARM_uC_s10
    CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ for ARM GNU/Linux SGPP_ARM_LNX_s10
    Keil RealView 4.1 Professional Development Suite Windows Node... RS41P-KT-30000

    Debuggers / Simulators

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    Micrium uC/Probe PRB-WINX-000000-P-P1-A

    JTAG Probes

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    Keil ULINK2 USB-JTAG Adapter ULINK2
    NXP Semiconductors J-Link JTAG OM11031
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link 8.08.00 J-LINK
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link 5V Adapter 8.08.15
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link PRO 8.12.00 J-LINK PRO
    Abatron AG High-speed BDM/JTAG Interface for GNU Debugger BDI3000/A & bdiGDB Firmware
    Keil ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit ULINKpro
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link EDU 8.08.90 J-LINK EDU

    Operating Systems

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    Micrium µC/OS-III KRN-K3XX-PKG000-P-P1-A
    Micrium μC/OS-II KRN-K2XX-PKG000-P-P1-A
    CMX Systems CMX-Tiny+ RTOS CMX-Tiny
    CMX Systems CMX-RTX, preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS CMX-RTX
    SEGGER Microcontroller embOS (Real Time Operating System) 1.xx.xx
    Micro Digital Inc. smx® Real Time Kernel for ARM and Cortex smxARM
    Micro Digital Inc. SMX.Blaze™ blaze

    Stacks/Protocols/File systems

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    CMX Systems CMX TCP/IP is a full-featured and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-TCP/IP
    CMX Systems CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-MicroNet
    CMX Systems CMX-FFS is a Flash File System FFS
    Micro Digital Inc. smxWiFi™ WiFi Stack smxWiFi
    Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBD™ USB Device Stack smxUSBD
    Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBO™ USB OTG Stack smxUSBO
    Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBH™ USB Host Stack smxUSBH
    Micro Digital Inc. smxFFS™ Flash File System smxFFS
    Micro Digital Inc. smxFS™ Portable File System smxFS
    Interniche Technologies FAT File System FatFile
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack HTTP Server NicheStack HTTP
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack SNMP NicheStack SNMP
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack SSL/TLS NicheStack SSL
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack IPSec IPSec
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack RTP/RTCP NicheStack RTP
    Interniche Technologies Gateway protocols Various
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack IPv4 IPv4
    Micro Digital Inc. smxNS™ TCP/IP Stack smxNS
    SEGGER Microcontroller emWin (Graphics Software and GUI) 3.xx.xx
    SEGGER Microcontroller emUSB (Embedded USB Stack) 9.xx.xx
    SEGGER Microcontroller emFile (Embedded File System) 2.xx.xx
    SEGGER Microcontroller embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack) 7.xx.xx
    HCC Embedded Fail-safe File Systems FFS
    HCC Embedded MISRA Compliant TCP/IPv4 & IPv6 TCPIP
    HCC Embedded Smart-meter File System SMFS
    HCC Embedded Verifiable SSL/TLS SSLTLS
    HCC Embedded eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler ETASKSYNC
    HCC Embedded Fail-safe Flash Translation Layer FTL
    HCC Embedded USB Device, Host and OTG EUSB
    HCC Embedded Fail-safe Bootloader BL
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack Dual IPv4/IPv6 IPv4/IPv6
    Interniche Technologies NicheStack IPv6 IPv6


    Provider Tool name Order Number
    SEGGER Microcontroller Flasher ARM 5.07.01 FLASHER ARM

    Software Design

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    IAR Systems IAR visualSTATE VS

    Other Software Tools

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Flash 8.08.02
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link RDI 8.08.03
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link Flash Breakpoint 8.08.04
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link GDB Server 8.08.08
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link Flash Download 8.08.05
    Micro Digital Inc. GoFast® Floating Point Library GoFast
    Micro Digital Inc. Prism GUI Products smxPrism
    Micro Digital Inc. PEG GUI Products smxPEG

    General Accessories

    Provider Tool name Order Number
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link ARM-14 8.08.01 J-LINK ARM-14
    SEGGER Microcontroller JTAG Isolator 8.07.00 JTAG ISOLATOR
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link 19-Pin Cortex-M Adapter 8.06.02 J-LINK 19-PIN CORTEX-M ADAPTER
    SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter 8.06.00 J-LINK 9-PIN CORTEX-M ADAPTER