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Product Overview:

The H8/300L Series is a series of single-chip microcomputers (MCU: microcomputer unit), built around the high-speed H8/300L CPU and equipped with peripheral system functions on-chip. Within the H8/300L Series, the H8/3847R Group, H8/3847S Group, H8/38347 Group and H8/38447 Group comprise single-chip microcomputers equipped with an LCD (liquid crystal display) controller/driver. Other on-chip peripheral functions include six types of timers, a 14-bit pulse width modulator (PWM), three serial communication interface channels, and an A/D converter. Together, these functions make the H8/3847R Group, H8/3847S Group and H8/38347 Group ideally suited for embedded applications in systems requiring low power consumption and LCD display.
The H8/3847R is also available in a ZTAT™*1 version with on-chip PROM which can beprogrammed as required by the user.
The H8/38347 and H8/38447*3 are available in a F-ZTAT™*2 version with on-chip flash memory that can be programmed on-board.
H8/38447 Group is supported by E6000.


         *1. ZTAT (Zero Turn Around Time) is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp.
          *2. F-ZTAT is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp.
          *3. Under development

Key Features:

  • On-chip LCD controller/ driver(160seg)
  • Maximum 60KROM
  • Low power consumption and low voltage operation
  • On-chip fast start up circuit
  • Three channels of Serial communication interface

Key Applications:

General battery powered devices

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