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Product Overview:

The H8S/2148 Group and H8S/2144 Group comprise high-performance microcomputers with the internal 32-bit H8S/2000 CPU core, and a set of on-chip supporting functions required for system configuration.
The H8S/2000 CPU can execute basic instructions in one state, and is provided with sixteen internal 16-bit general registers with a 32-bit configuration, and a concise and optimized instruction set. The CPU can handle a 16-Mbyte linear address space (architecturally 4 Gbytes). Programs based on the high-level language C can also be run efficiently.
Single-power-supply flash memory and mask ROM versions are available, providing a quick and flexible response to conditions from ramp-up through full-scale volume production, even for applications with frequently changing specifications.
On-chip peripheral functions include a 16-bit free-running timer (FRT), 8-bit timer (TMR), watchdog timer (WDT), two PWM timers (PWM and PWMX), a serial communication interface (SCI, IrDA), PS/2-compatible keyboard buffer controller, host interface (HIF), D/A converter (DAC), A/D converter (ADC), and I/O ports. An I2C bus interface (IIC) can also be incorporated as an option.
An on-chip data transfer controller (DTC) is also provided, enabling high-speed data transfer without CPU intervention.
The H8S/2148 Group has all the above on-chip supporting functions, and can also be provided with an IIC module as an option. The H8S/2144 Group comprises reduced-function versions, with fewer TMR channels, and no PWM, keyboard buffer controller, HIF, IIC, or DTC modules.
Use of the H8S/2148 Group and H8S/2144 Group enables compact, high-performance systems to be implemented easily. The comprehensive PC-related interface functions and 16 x 8 matrix key-scan functions are ideal for applications such as notebook PC keyboard control and intelligent battery and power supply control, while the various timer functions and their interconnectability (timer connection), plus the interlinked operation of the I2C bus interface and data transfer controller (DTC), in particular, make these devices ideal for use in PC monitors. In addition, the combination of flash and reduced-function versions is ideal for applications such as CD-ROM drive units in which on-chip program memory is essential to meet performance requirements, product start-up times are short, and program modifications may be necessary after end-product assembly.

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency (MHz)/Supply voltage (V)
    • 20MHz/5V, 10MHz/3V
      • Standard instruction can be executed at 1state.
  • On-chip memory
    • H8S/2148 Group
      • 128 kB /4kB(H8S/2148S/48A/48F)
      • 64 kB/2kB(H8S/2147S/47AF)
    • H8S/2144 Group
      • 128kB/4kB(H8S/2144S/44A/44F)
      • 96 kB/4kB(H8S/2143S)
      • 64 kB /2kB(H8S/2142/42RF)
  • Enhances the functions of the H8/300 series and supports a subclock operating mode.

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