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ST7226x » ST72F262G2B5

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8-Bit MCU with Flash or ROM Memory, ADC, Two 16-Bit Timers, I2C, SPI, SCI Interface

  • 4 K or 8 Kbytes Program memory: ROM or Single voltage extended Flash (XFlash) with read-out protection write protection and In- Circuit Programming and In-Application Programming (ICP and IAP). 10K write/erase cycles guaranteed, data retention: 20 years at 55°C.
  • 256 bytes RAM
Clock, Reset and Supply management
  • Enhanced reset system
  • Enhanced low voltage supply supervisor (LVD) with 3 programmable levels and auxiliary voltage detector (AVD) with interrupt capability for implementing safe power-down
  • procedures
  • Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator oscillators, internal RC oscillator and bypass for external clock
  • PLL for 2x frequency multiplication
  • Clock-out capability
  • 4 Power Saving Modes: Halt, Active Halt,Wait and Slow
Interrupt Management
  • Nested interrupt controller
  • 10 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET
  • 22 external interrupt lines (on 2 vectors)
22 I/O Ports
  • 22 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines
  • 20 alternate function lines
  • 8 high sink outputs
4 Timers
  • Main Clock Controller with Real time base and Clock-out capabilities
  • Configurable watchdog timer
  • Two 16-bit timers with: 2 input captures, 2 output compares, external clock input on one timer, PWM and Pulse generator modes
3 Communication Interfaces
  • SPI synchronous serial interface
  • I2C multimaster interface (SMBus V1.1 Compliant)
  • SCI asynchronous serial interface
1 Analog peripheral
  • 10-bit ADC with 6 input channels
Instruction Set
  • 8-bit data manipulation
  • 63 basic instructions with illegal opcode detection
  • 17 main addressing modes
  • 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction
Development Tools
  • Full hardware/software development package

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Development Kits etc.

Provider Tool name Order Number
STMicroelectronics ST7 REva starter kits from Raisonance ST7FLITE-SK/RAIS

IDEs (Compilers etc.)

Provider Tool name Order Number
STMicroelectronics ST7 Visual Develop STVD7

Debuggers / Simulators

Provider Tool name Order Number
STMicroelectronics ST7 inDART series in-circuit debuggers STXF-INDART/USB

JTAG Probes

Provider Tool name Order Number
Abatron AG High-speed BDM/JTAG Interface for GNU Debugger BDI3000/A & bdiGDB Firmware

Operating Systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
CMX Systems CMX-Tiny+ RTOS CMX-Tiny
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS (Real Time Operating System) 1.xx.xx

Stacks/Protocols/File systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBH™ USB Host Stack smxUSBH
Micro Digital Inc. smxNS™ TCP/IP Stack smxNS
Micro Digital Inc. smxUSBD™ USB Device Stack smxUSBD
CMX Systems CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-MicroNet
SEGGER Microcontroller emWin (Graphics Software and GUI) 3.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emUSB (Embedded USB Stack) 9.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emFile (Embedded File System) 2.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack) 7.xx.xx

Reference Designs

Provider Tool name Order Number
STMicroelectronics Stepper Motor and DC motor drive using L6206 DIP EVAL6206N


Provider Tool name Order Number
Xeltek SuperPro 5004GP Programmer SuperPro 5004GP
Xeltek SuperPro 5000 Programmer SuperPro 5000