Renesas Electronics America Adds Powerful Debugging and Enhanced Usability with Next-Generation of e2studio Integrated Development Environment

New Version 2.0 Based on Eclipse Juno, Includes Support for Renesas RX100 Series, Performance Analysis View and CubeSuite+ Project Importer

Santa Clara, Calif., May 14, 2013 – Renesas Electronics America, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced an enhanced version of its Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE), e2studio, designed to provide a flexible development platform for its market-leading microcontrollers (MCUs). e2studio version 2.0 offers a variety of new features, including support for the new Renesas RX100 series of MCUs with True Low PowerTM technology, a new Performance Analysis view and a project import function that allows existing CubeSuite+ projects for RX MCUs to be easily imported into the IDE.

The Eclipse platform and the associated C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) project have gained significant momentum with developers as they have discovered the powerful editing and project management capabilities. However, dedicated debug support has often been lacking. Renesas architected the e2studio version 2.0 around the latest version of the Eclipse platform (Juno) and CDT (v8), so that all of the improvements made to the Eclipse platform and the CDT project are supported by e2studio. Additionally, the new e2studio version supports Renesas’ new RX100 series of MCUs, the RX111 Group. With the release of e2studio version 2.0, Renesas continues its move from the use of proprietary IDEs like HEW and CubeSuite+ towards development tools based on open source software like Eclipse.

The new e2studio IDE also offers enhanced build-phase plug-ins for Renesas, IAR Systems, Green Hills Software, and the KPIT Cummins GNU compilers, as well as debug plug-ins for Micrium’s µC/Probe (adding RTOS-awareness for Micrium’s µC/OS) and FreeRTOS. Renesas implemented a GDB (GNU Debugger) interface with DSF (Debugger Services Framework) extensions so that features such as real-time memory view, real-time expression view, and trace can deliver the powerful debugging necessary for today´s embedded code development.

An additional new feature is a new debug console, allowing virtual I/O to the Renesas Virtual Console view located alongside the other console views. A new image viewer lets users select an address for the memory view to detect and show image files that are stored in memory. Renesas has also added a wizard to generate library projects and a Renesas RX simulator. A new performance analysis view allows users to optimize their code by analyzing the functions in their application to see the number of cycles that the program has executed in each function and the number of times each function has been called. This also allows time measurement between defined points in the users’ code. All these enhancements make e2studio version 2.0 a state-of-the-art coding and debugging environment for Renesas embedded controllers.


The Renesas e2studio version 2.0 is available now. For free download and more information on e2studio version 2.0, including video tutorials and the e2studio online development community, please visit