Renesas Electronics to Release Intelligent Power Device for IGBT Drive with Micro-Isolator for Reduced System Footprint and High Reliability

Utilization of Micro-isolator to Enable More Compact Inverters for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Power Inverters

Santa Clara, Calif., April 25, 2013 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the development of the R2A25110KSP intelligent power device of isolated IGBT driver for use in electric and hybrid vehicle power inverters. Incorporating newly developed Micro-Isolator isolation technology exclusive to Renesas Electronics, the R2A25110KSP makes it possible to build more highly reliable and compact systems for today’s demanding automotive applications.

Inverters that drive the electric motors in electric and hybrid vehicles comprise a power module employing motor drive elements such as IGBTs and a control circuit block with electrical isolation between the low-voltage drive electronics and the high-voltage power electronics. The market growth of power inverters has driven power modules to become even more compact to reduce size, weight and overall cost of the system. Demand is growing for solutions that integrate the isolation elements and IGBT driver circuits to enable an even greater reduction in power module size to meet the ever-increasing push for lower cost and higher performance.

Renesas Electronics has developed the R2A25110KSP in response to this market demand.

Key features of the new R2A25110KSP

Renesas is working to strengthen its product lineup in the field of three-phase motors for automotive applications. The company is expanding its active sales efforts for total solutions combining components such as MCUs and power devices.

Renesas is also moving forward with the planning and development of additional “micro-isolated” future products that meet the isolation requirements of automotive systems while additionally integrating other functionality.