Intelligent Systems Source, Before Its One Year Anniversary, Achieves 20,000 unique Visitors per Month

SAN CLEMENTE, CA., July 18, 2013 – RTC Group, Inc. foremost supplier of marketing and media resources to the intelligent systems / embedded computing industry announces a major milestone in July. The RTC Group’s Intelligent Systems Source program now offers clients the opportunity to reach 20,000 unique visitors online every month.

“From our launch only ten months ago, we knew this program was going to be a major resource for the embedded industry. With our goal of 50,000 unique visitors, we believe we can reach 35% of the total available market of those designing with embedded SBCs in North America,” said Aaron Foellmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The RTC Group.

ISS has quickly become a center for embedded technology product information, citing over 3,500 unique SBCs, SOMs, and COMs (single-board computer) product listings with over 40 embedded technology providers, major distributors and partners. With its unique parametric search, industry-first “BUY NOW” feature fueled by marketing partner’s Hearst Inventory Tool (HIT), and comprehensive SBC and expansion card database ISS is pushing the boundaries of what’s considered best practice for online marketing service in the embedded industry.

“It is our belief that with dynamically growing advertising options, expansion of product offerings and a growing lead-generation programs,” says James Pirie, ISS Product Manager, “ISS’s dynamic growth will put it alongside The RTC Group’s other flagship products as “best-in-class” media programs for our industry.

Along with announcing expansion of our online audience, ISS taps one of the largest databases of digital editorial content in the industry. Starting in August, ISS will link into the extensive online archive of bringing 20 years of intelligent systems and embedded computing content to its visitors.