COMSys now with IntelĀ® Ivy Bridge: Strong processing power with up to 25% reduced energy usage

The modular embedded PC system COMSys by TQ is now available with the latest Intel® Core™ technology. The new CPU generation impresses with its improved energy efficiency. Processing power and graphics performance have also increased up to 40% compared to the previous version.

The flexible system integration of the modular PC system COMSys makes both Box PC and Panel PC solutions a breeze. This allows users to benefit from the advantages of the new Ivy Bridge CPUs right away.

Panel PCs and HMI systems with demanding user interfaces and applications with high graphics requirements benefit from the new HD4000 graphics core, which now works with up to 16 instead of 12 parallel processing units.

Systems whose power dissipation is limited by environmental conditions can achieve clear growth in processing power thanks to these more efficient CPUs. Now even compact Box PCs can be equipped with quad-core CPUs. Even more powerful systems are possible when combined with the optimized thermal integration of the COMSys platform.

COMSys applications are manifold: for example, there is a high-performing solution for applications involving camera monitoring and quality assurance that uses the Intel® Core™ i7 and 6 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. There are passively cooled HMI solutions with IP65 protection and Projected Capacitive Touch for industrial facilities that place high requirements on user terminals. There are also examples that demonstrate the use of embedded PC requirements in switchboard design (DIN rail PC) and other HMI solutions characterized, for example, by expansion possibilities through standard IO cards.

When it comes to embedded PC solutions, TQ banks on its own expertise in computer technology, but draws on support from partners when realizing professional solutions. TQ´s core expertise in embedded PC technology is supplemented by the specialist knowledge of our partners in various industries. This includes the technical implementation of industry solutions as well as entrance into individual markets.




About COMSys:

The COM Express mainboard (carrier board) MB-COME-1 in combination with a standard COM Express module forms a very compact hardware kit that can be used for a freely scalable embedded PC platform thanks to its modular design. Because of this – with uniform interfaces and mechanical dimensions – the PC system can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the application.

The many extension options and storage media that can be added offer a high level of flexibility and allow functionalities and performance to be extended easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Based on COMSys specific housing-solutions Box PCs and Panel PCs are available. There are standard till extremely rugged, dust and spray proofed designs obtainable.

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