All new J-Link 2013 Models: The best JTAG/SWD Emulator just got better

Hilden, Germany – November 19th, 2012 – The all new 2013 models of the market leading J‑Link family are now shipping. This new hardware revision boosts the already outstanding performance and enhances power debugging resolution.

At 3MB/s the high-end models J-Link PRO, J‑Link ULTRA+ and J-Link ULTRA firmly establish themselves as the fastest emulators in the industry. The standard J-Link and the J-Link PLUS also benefit from a new platform and raise their download speed to 1MB/s. This is achieved while maintaining the versatility and dependability SEGGER users have come to expect.

Power debugging with the J-Link PRO, J-Link ULTRA and J-Link ULTRA+ has been improved to achieve a resolution of 50 uA at sampling frequencies of up to 200 KHz.

The new 2013 models are available at no additional cost and are of course fully compatible to each other as well as to older models. Owners of previous models may benefit from the new hardware design by making use of SEGGER’s trade-in-program. Details may be found at

“It is easy for a developer to make a choice on his JTAG/SWD emulator. With the new hardware platform, we now offer the fastest, the most robust and the most versatile option in the market”, says Alexander Gruener, J-Link Product Manager of SEGGER.

"At 3MB/sec with a maximum Target interface speed of 60MHz, the J-Link ULTRA, ULTRA+ and PRO models are the fastest emulators on the market. As with all J-Links, download into flash memory is supported. Not only the download speed, but all other values such as single step performance is second to none", says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager of SEGGER.

About J-Link

The SEGGER J‑Link is the industry-standard for ARM debug emulators, supported by all major tool chains for ARM cores. The SEGGER J-Link is tool chain independent and will work with IDEs from: Atmel, Atollic, Freescale, IAR, KEIL, Mentor Graphics, Rowley, Renesas, Tasking, Phyton and others. In addition to those listed above; any RDI compliant debugger can be used with the optional RDI module, and any GDB compliant debugger with the free GDB-Server. Therefore; as projects change, a different compiler/debugger may have to be used. With the J-Link family, investments (monetary and learning curve) in development/ production tools are preserved. Setup of a J‑Link is done in mere minutes.

J-Link supports multiple CPU families, such as ARM 7, 9, 11, Cortex-M0, M1, M3, M4, R4, A5, A8, A9, Renesas RX in a single model; there is typically no need to buy a new J-Link or new license when switching to a different CPU family or tool-chain. SEGGER is also continuously adding support for additional cores, which in most cases, only requires a software/firmware update. Unlimited free updates are included with even the baseline model of the J-Link. SEGGER is excited to continue advanced development of its cutting edge embedded tool solutions to be utilized with pretty much any development environment you choose. All J-Links are fully compatible to each other, so an upgrade from a lower-end model to a higher end model is a matter of a simple plug-and-play.

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