The leader in SBCs has become the keynote to feature products on the SBC industry\\\'s first parametric search engine.

"Kontron takes the lead in Intelligent Systems Source"

October 17th, 2012 - SAN CLEMENTE - Kontron, the leader in SBC’s becomes a premier sponsor in Intelligent Systems Source, the leading parametric search tool for engineers.  Over 20 of Kontron’s latest and greatest Single Board Computer products will be displayed on Intelligent Systems Source, complete with datasheets, product images, comparison and buy-it-now functionality.

“We are excited to include Kontron as a member of Intelligent Systems Source as our visitors and subscribers will be thrilled by the ease of access to Kontrons products and documents.”

According to James Pirie, the Project Manager of Intelligent Systems Source.

Intelligent Systems Source is proud to introduce Kontron to the family, one of the most respected Single Board Computer manufacturers in the industry.  With its premier membership role in Intelligent Systems Source Kontron has increased its visibility to over 75,000 engineers with the monthly ISS e-newsletter, has over 20 products ready for side-by-side-comparison, and its products are now accessible to purchase on site for decision makers, executive management, and various engineers. 

In today’s market, more and more applications are delayed by the inability to locate the exact solution required. Systems engineers find themselves either combing through corporate site after corporate site to locate a specific need or resigned to the fact that a custom solution may be required. ISS is proud to bring Kontron to System engineers during this search process.

The demographic goal of ISS is to mirror those of RTC magazine and the Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC). These two products have maintained their position as leaders in the market for over two decades.

If you’d like more information on how to best utilize Intelligent Systems Source, contact the RTC Group:

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