Encryption Now Available for the SEGGER emFile File System

Hilden, Germany - October 4th embedded file system. This add-on provides an easy way to encrypt storage media either in its entirety, or on an individual file basis. The encryption layer may be used with both available file systems FAT and SEGGER’s EFS (Embedded File System), as well as on all supported storage types, such as NAND, NOR, SD-cards, MMC cards, CompactFlash cards, etc.


Only minor changes to the application program are required in order to enable encryption. The configuration consists of assigning the encryption method and a password. The rest of the application is not affected. A PC side application is available for the encryption and decryption of files to prepare data for the embedded application or to read out encrypted information collected by the embedded application. Encryption/Decryption can be done at high speed: On a 100MHz Cortex-M target, a speed of approximately 500KByte/sec is achieved. Higher speeds can be achieved with hardware encryption or a faster processor.

The developer has the option to choose between different encryption algorithms. DES, 3DES and AES are available from SEGGER. The entire emFile code has been developed by SEGGER from scratch, no part of it falls under GPL licensing.

 "emFile encryption adds a very easy way for customers to provide security for the data used in their applications”, says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager of SEGGER. 

About emFile

SEGGER’s emFile is a highly efficient file system optimized for resource usage and performance. Two versions are available, one for FAT-file systems and another for EFS, a proprietary file system which allows the use of long file names without royalties.

emFile’s driver level is fail-safe by design, removing the risk of corrupted data. To add failsafety to the upper file-system, a highly efficient journaling option is available for both EFS and FAT. 

All popular flash media are supported by emFile. Removable media such as SD-Cards, MMC, and CompactFlash are supported, as well as, internal flash memories like NOR, NAND, and data flashes. The drivers for the internal flash memories include sophisticated wear leveling algorithms. The wear leveling also takes into account that files may be modified at different frequencies. 

Full product specifications are available at: http://www.segger.com/emFile.html