New Freescale RF Power Transistors Deliver Unmatched Combination of Ruggedness, Frequency Range and Broadband Capabilities

Wideband RF power LDMOS FETs serve applications from HF to L band, 1MHz to 2GHz   

MONTREAL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 20, 2012-- Addressing market demand for RF power devices featuring enhanced ruggedness and wideband operation over a broad frequency range, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) introduces two highly versatile devices engineered to deliver new levels of linearity and ruggedness for RF power products manufactured using LDMOS process technology.   

      The new devices are the 25 W MRFE6VS25N and the 100 W MRFE6VP100H. Capable of delivering full CW rated power over the entire operating frequency range, both are designed to boost system reliability while reducing amplifier design complexity and cost.   

      The devices represent a competitive alternative to GaN-based solutions designed for similar applications, featuring the ability to handle an impedance mismatch (VSWR) of greater than 65:1 with outstanding linearity at a significantly lower device cost. The wideband LDMOS FETs are designed to work flawlessly under extremely harsh conditions, where survivability and availability are critical. Target applications include HF-UHF transmitters and transceivers, television transmitters, white space data transceivers, aerospace/defense systems, test equipment and radar systems.   

“With these new products, Freescale is extending its RF power footprint beyond the wireless infrastructure space and into adjacent, high-growth markets,” said Ritu Favre , vice president and general manager for Freescale’s RF Division. “The exceptional performance and ruggedness of these new offerings should prove highly compelling to a broad range of customers and applications.”   

The devices are housed in Freescale’s low thermal resistance packaging, which is designed to minimize internal temperature rise and improve long term reliability while reducing thermal management issues. The devices also integrate internal networks that enhance circuit stability over a wide range of operating conditions, simplifying the external circuitry. In order to assure optimal ruggedness, Freescale tests the devices under conditions far beyond normal operation, evaluating them at 20 percent over rated operating voltage and twice their rated RF input power with a 65:1 VSWR mismatch.   

Application Versatility

      The wideband frequency coverage of the MRFE6VS25N and MRFE6VP100H allows      designers to use a single amplifier to cover multiple bands, such as 1.8 to 54 MHz and 30 to 512 MHz. The result is a reduced bill of materials, smaller amplifier size and weight, lower switching losses and less cooling overhead. The products offer a combination of broadband capability, ruggedness and wide frequency range at lower cost than that of comparable gallium nitride (GaN) devices.   

      Specifications for the MRFE6VS25N and MRFE6VP100H include:   

• MRFE6VS25N: 25 W CW, gain of more than 26 dB from 1.8 to 30 MHz, more than 25 dB at 512 MHz, efficiency of 50 to 73%, and full rated performance into >65:1 VSWR.   

• MRFE6VP100H: 100 W CW, gain of 26 dB at 512 MHz, more than 19 dB from 30 to 512 MHz, efficiency of 40 to 71%, and full rated performance into >65:1 VSWR.   

      The MRFE6VS25N transistor is housed in Freescale’s TO-270-2 over-molded plastic package and the MRFE6VP100H/HS transistors are housed in Freescale’s NI-780-4 and NI-780S-4 air cavity packages.   


      The MRFE6VS25N and MRFE6VP100H are now in production. Reference designs and other support tools are also available. For sampling and pricing information, please contact Freescale Semiconductor, a local Freescale sales office or an authorized distributor.   

      Additional information for the MRFE6VS25N and MRFE6VP100H is available at