Micrium Introduces Completely Redesigned Version of Award-Winning Tool

The Newest Incarnation of uC/Probe Makes Seeing inside Embedded
Systems Easier Than Ever

SAN JOSE, Calif.-- Micrium, the premier supplier of high-quality software
components for embedded systems, today announced a completely redesigned version
of the innovative visualization tool uC/Probe. The new version of the tool
features a highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface aimed at helping developers
effortlessly create graphical representations of running embedded systems.

"All too often, the most powerful tools for embedded systems development are
those that are also the most difficult to use," said Jean Labrosse, founder and
CEO of Micrium. "The new version of uC/Probe, however, makes vast quantities of
helpful information available through just a few mouse clicks."

The unique concept behind uC/Probe has been garnering attention since the
tool was first released over five years ago. uC/Probe gives embedded software
developers read and write access to their code´s variables, and it provides this
service without halting the processor on which the code runs.

Although uC/Probe is sometimes compared to conventional debuggers, its
graphical capabilities make it substantially more versatile than such tools.
Developers can use uC/Probe in the early stages of a project for
proof-of-concept work, and can turn to the tool again after product deployment
to troubleshoot devices in the field.

The newest version of uC/Probe, like its predecessors, is a Windows-based
tool. It can be used to visualize nearly any embedded system that supports JTAG,
TCP/IP, or RS-232 communication.

Micrium is set to release the new version of uC/Probe on June 8, 2012.
Following the release, developers will be able to download a free, evaluation
version of the tool from the Micrium Web site.

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