New Freescale 28-nm QorIQ AMP Series Processors Deliver High-End Features and Ultra-Low-Power Operation

Rollout of QorIQ AMP series devices based on Power Architecture® technology continues with two SoCs engineered for optimal performance and energy efficiency   

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 18, 2012-- To help manufacturers of advanced networking equipment address increasingly stringent energy, security and processing requirements, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) is introducing two new QorIQ AMP series processors designed to deliver an ideal combination of performance, power and integration.   

      The new 28-nm QorIQ AMP T1042 and T2080 devices will bring the same leading edge attributes of the QorIQ AMP series to the entry level and mid range segments, joining the previously announced T4240 product, which is Freescale’s flagship QorIQ AMP series offering for high end      systems.   

      With the addition of the two products, Freescale’s QorIQ AMP series now provides a comprehensive and highly scalable portfolio of 64-bit, software-compatible devices based on a common architecture and incorporating next-generation Freescale multicore IP. Advanced acceleration engines, shared virtualization technology, sophisticated power management systems and next-generation security features are common to all AMP products.   

      Freescale’s industry leading QorIQ AMP portfolio will soon include quad-core, 800 MHz products operating at less than five watts, devices integrating eight virtual cores at 1.8 GHz of performance per core, as well as performance-focused processors featuring 12 dual-threaded cores.   

“Freescale continues to aggressively define excellence in the 28-nm embedded networking processor market with the introduction of the highly advanced QorIQ T1042 and T2080 processors,” said Bernd Lienhard , vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Networking Processor      Division. “Leveraging Freescale’s R&D strength and wealth of networking IP, these sophisticated solutions exemplify the kind of intelligent integration and commitment to compatible, scalable product portfolios that has come to define QorIQ processors.”   

Product details

      The T1042 processor is the successor to Freescale’s popular, current-generation P1 and P2 products. Compared to the P1 and P2 devices, the new offering delivers more than 2x the core performance and SerDes bandwidth while maintaining the same power budget. The T1042      integrates four 64-bit Power Architecture cores, Freescale’s Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA), sophisticated pattern matching/security capabilities and PCI Express® and Ethernet      networking interfaces. It targets a variety of power-sensitive applications such as WLAN access points, enterprise switching and routing equipment, security appliances, and factory automation      networking products.   

      The T2080 device integrates four dual-threaded 64-bit Power Architecture cores running up to 1.8 GHz and is engineered to double performance per watt compared to Freescale’s mid-tier 45-nm QorIQ P series devices. Key features include advanced virtualization technology, a broad array of I/O options, DPAA and robust security functionality. The T2080 is designed for control plane or integrated control and data plane processing. Target applications include mobile backhaul equipment, LTE/WCDMA channel cards, control cards and NICs, and test & measurement products.   

      Primarily intended as the successor to Freescale’s successful P3041 and P2041 quad-core devices, the T2080 delivers 2x or better in core capability, cache size, SerDes bandwidth and Ethernet connectivity, while maintaining the same power budget. The processor also offers twice the performance per watt compared to the P series flagship 45-nm QorIQ P4080 device, delivering equivalent performance at about half the power.   

      The T2080’s performance gains are primarily attributable to the highly efficient dual-threaded e6500 core first introduced in the 28-nm flagship AMP series T4240 device. The core’s dual-threaded technology provides 1.7x the performance of a single-thread and achieves the industry’s highest CoreMark® rating per watt. It delivers up to 1.8 GHz of performance while maintaining a short seven-stage pipeline for optimal latency response to unpredictable control plane code      branches. The core also features the 128-bit AltiVec single instruction multiple data vector processor, which performs calculations that DSPs would otherwise handle, such as media acceleration and radar processing, but at much lower power.   

Availability and development support

      Freescale plans to offer samples of the T1042 and T2080 devices in the first half of 2013. World-class RTOS and/or development tools support is planned from Enea, Green Hills Software, Mentor Graphics, Wind River and others. Freescale intends to offer development tools, including a Linux® BSP, a reference design board, CodeWarrior debug tools, configuration tools, models and more.