Freescale Introduces VortiQaâ„¢ Intelligent Traffic Classification and Load Balancing Software for Flagship QorIQ Processors

Software increases network performance, optimizes resource utilization and extends longevity of network service equipment in data center and enterprise networks   

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May. 8, 2012-- To help network designers meet throughput, latency, power, cost and future-proofing requirements as they incorporate value added services (VAS) equipment into their networks, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) is introducing VortiQa intelligent traffic classification and load balancing (ITCL) software.   

      With network security and optimization requirements growing more stringent, enterprise and data center networks are increasingly adding VAS nodes, such as application delivery controllers, security devices, data recorders and WAN optimization controllers. This additional equipment presents new network scalability challenges, as data volume continues to increase worldwide.   

      VortiQa ITCL software intelligently classifies and distributes data traffic flow throughout enterprise and data center network elements, including multiple VAS nodes, allowing network architectures to scale to accommodate the increased load as equipment is added. In addition,      VortiQa ITCL software duplicates the traffic multiple times to enable several types of network traffic monitoring.   

      VortiQa ITCL software is designed for Freescale’s flagship QorIQ multicore embedded processors. The production-ready application software is optimized for Freescale’s QorIQ P4080 and QorIQ AMP T4240 platforms, working closely with the processors’ world-class data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) and other advanced silicon features.   

     “Data center and enterprise OEMs are racing to keep up with ever-increasing performance and traffic volume requirements, all while trying to drive more utilization from their network resources and investments,” said Raja Tabet , vice president of Software/Systems Technology for Freescale’s Networking & Multimedia Solutions Group. “Freescale’s scalable VortiQa ITCL software allows customers to build network infrastructure that more efficiently and reliably streamlines information, while preserving the value of their network equipment investments.”   

     The VortiQa ITCL software’s data classification and distribution capabilities balance traffic loads evenly and intelligently. The software classifies packets to stateful flows, filters the packets, identifies complex application flows and then distributes the packets to the appropriate nodes. ITCL software enhances performance by optimizing the computing resources. Bandwidth and power are saved as ITCL software dynamically engages and disengages VAS nodes according to demand. And network equipment lifespan is extended via improved utilization of network resources, boosting overall efficiency and allowing new equipment to be added incrementally. Network operators can flexibly scale their infrastructure by adding servers or VAS equipment as their business grows.   

VortiQa ITCL software features


      The production-ready VortiQa ITCL software is planned for availability in Q4 2012. For more information, visit   

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