Micrium Brings Professional RTOS Solutions to Atollic’s TrueSTUDIO IDE

uC/OS-III Example Project Allows TrueSTUDIO Developers to Effortlessly Launch Multitask Designs

Weston, FL and Jönköping, Sweden 22 May 2012 --Micrium and Atollic® today announced that TrueSTUDIO® has been adopted by Micrium as an officially supported C/C++ development IDE. Micrium’s support of TrueSTUDIO paves the way for users of IDEs to develop projects around a family of software modules widely recognized to be amongst the most reliable in the embedded systems market.

The first example project developed by Micrium in support of TrueSTUDIO is based on the popular uC/OS-III kernel. The project, which targets the Cortex-M3-based STM32F107 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics, incorporates all of the software that developers need to begin running uC/OS-III, including the full source code of the kernel.

"Reliable software and easy-to-use tools are both essential for successful embedded systems development," commented Jean Labrosse, founder and CEO of Micrium. "Together, Atollic and Micrium provide exactly what developers need to complete challenging projects faster and with fewer headaches."

Micrium offers a complete lineup of RTOS solutions appropriate for a broad spectrum of applications, including those normally considered safety-critical. One of the anchors of this lineup is uC/OS-III, a carefully crafted real-time kernel that provides efficient multitasking capabilities.

The example project that brings uC/OS-III to TrueSTUDIO is the product of close collaboration between Micrium and Atollic.

"Micrium delivers some of the most well-renown RTOS solutions on the market, which combined with the Atollic tools provide a highly efficient environment for professional embedded development", says Magnus Unemyr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atollic. "With first-class tools and RTOS components, our joint customers will be able to develop high-quality software with a minimum of effort".

Atollic’s TrueSTUDIO is a highly capable C/C++ IDE that harnesses two fixtures of the embedded development tool realm: the ECLIPSE™ framework and the GNU tool-chain. The many notable features of the IDE include a state-of-the-art editor, parallel compilation capabilities, a multiprocessor-aware debugger with advanced real-time tracing, source code review features and integrated clients for bug-tracking and version-control tools. Optional add-on modules add features for static source code analysis, in-target test quality measurement as well as in-target software test automation.

TrueSTUDIO users can visit the unique TrueSTORE for near-instant access to a vast repository of example projects. Micrium’s uC/OS-III example is available from TrueSTORE now. This project can also be downloaded from the Micrium Web site: